After Just 3 Days Without Alcohol These Are The Differences You'll Notice

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After Just 3 Days Without Alcohol These Are The Differences You'll Notice

If you're looking for a simple and effective way to improve your health, giving up alcohol is a great idea. We know it doesn't sound like fun, but years later you'll thank yourself for making the sacrifice.

While there is lots of evidence that healthier drinks like red wine can keep your brain healthy and young and help you avoid heart disease, drinking can also put you at risk for some nasty diseases, and make you look older.

If you're still interested in giving up drinking for good, you should know what to expect and how your body will react.

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While quitting alcohol is great for your health in the long run, at first it will feel pretty tough.

We mostly only think of serious alcoholics going through withdrawal, but if your body is used to a nightly glass of wine you could experience it as well. Women are also more likely to experience the symptoms than men are.

Look out for sweating, shaky hands, anxiety and headaches in the first couple days, along with some strong cravings.

If you make it through the first 2 or 3 days you'll notice how relieved you feel. Drinking makes your brain feel more awake, which can seriously mess up your sleep patterns. You should sleep much more comfortably once you go cold turkey.

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After a few more days, you may notice your pants fit a little better. Beer and mixed drinks are full of calories, but even swapping wine for a healthier choice like water will do wonders for your waistline.

Speaking of your appearance, you might recognize that your skin is improving. Alcohol can dehydrate your skin, making you more prone to blackheads and acne.

Finally, your doctor will probably be glad to hear you stopped drinking. It means you're less likely to be diagnosed with lots of diseases.

Your risk of having liver disease, certain cancers (including breast cancer) and infections like pneumonia all go up if you're a regular drinker.

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