This Little Piggy Joined The Police Department For A Day

The New York Police Department is always thought of as one of the best and bravest in the country, but now they have found a way to make themselves the most adorable as well.

Officer Grid Troci was on patrol outside of an Apple Store in Soho when they found their cutest fan. Two people were walking by the cops with their pet pig who was sporting an NYPD jacket (as pigs do) and the cops couldn't get enough.

The owners of the little piglet asked if the cops would pose with him and of course they said yes! Who wouldn't?

This little piggy went all over New York and was spotted in pictures all over Instagram. Technically keeping a pig in a home is illegal in New York but who could give a ticket to this little guy?

I guess NYPD now stands for New York Piglet Department?

Pigs are pretty smart! Maybe they should add a few to the force?

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