This Man Wants To Teach Your Kids How To Play With Fire

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This Man Wants To Teach Your Kids How To Play With Fire

Would you ever hand a child under 6 a lighter or matches? Probably not right? Well, there is actually a class in Berlin, Germany that is doing just that. Kain Karawahn is an artist who designed a workshop where he demonstrates to children how to set fires properly, and how to handle them properly.

Karawahn says that "the success is that after my fire, the place looks the same as before, and I look the same as before."

This course has been taught to over 2,000 different educators who teach kids all over the country. The approach is called the "Learn Not To Burn" method and it is in stark contrast to the American method that just urges kids never to use any matches or lighters.

The Berlin Deputy Assistant Fire Chief Frieder Kircher claims that teaching kids how to properly deal with fire is a good choice because "all the things you prohibit are interesting for young children, and the more you prohibit them, the more interesting they are."

The American view is the exact opposite of this. A mental health counselor who works in America says that young children "are just not developmentally able to handle that responsibility. They don't have the intellectual ability to understand what's going to happen or how quickly it can get out of control."

Karawahn believes that teaching children to properly handle first can help them in situations when it does get out of control. Kids who have been told to never play with fire will fear getting punished for starting it so they may never tell an adult or get help. If they hide and stay in the room with the fire this could end up with them getting hurt.

What do you think, would you teach your kids how to properly play with fire?