This Rare Video Of Willie Nelson Is A Blast From The Past

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There are many celebrities that we're used to seeing on Television but have no idea what they were like before their careers took off.

Seeing a favorite singer or actor before they became household names gives us a completely different appreciation for their talent, dedication to the craft and journey to stardom.

There's a rare footage circling the internet that gives fans a glimpse into the iconic country singer Willie Nelson's early days as a performer before the bandannas, braided hair and marijuana campaigns.

The video is from Nelson's appearance on The Porter Wagoner Show in 1965, a programme that helped boost the careers of many country artists like Dolly Parton. Nelson was asked by Wagoner to perform the song that made him a "really big artist" and he certainly did not disappoint.  

A 29-year-old Nelson looked unrecognizable donning a suit and tie with a clean-shaven face and short hair. He delivered a live rendition of "Hello Walls," which he penned but was originally recorded by Faron Young.

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