This Shark Charged Straight For A Diver - Because It Needed Help

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This Shark Charged Straight For A Diver - Because It Needed Help

For most people, coming face to face with a shark while scuba diving would be enough to keep them out of the ocean forever. But Joshua Eccles isn't like most people.

As a diver with Emerald Charter in Jupiter, Florida, Eccles often swims with schools of lemon sharks. They might sound cute, but these sea predators can grow to be 11 feet long, with rows of razor sharp teeth.

On a recent diving trip, one of these real-life sea monsters kept bumping against Eccles, as if she was trying to tell him something. When he looked closer, he realized why immediately.

The shark must have known that Eccles was the only person who could help, because she wouldn't leave until he did.

"Every time it swam by me it would bump into me a little bit more," he told ABC News. "They always bump into us but don't bump into us that frequently."

It turns out the shark had swallowed a fishing hook, which had traveled through her body and was painfully sticking out of her stomach.

Eccles managed to pull it out, and could tell why the shark was so bothered. The rusty hook was as big as his hand, and looked like it had left a nasty infection.

There's no telling how the shark is feeling now, but she was obviously happy to have the hook removed.

Chris Maddeford

She swam away afterwards but came back later, giving the divers a chance to get some amazing photos, including this smiling close-up.

This story just proves that big or small, we all need a little help sometimes. Thankfully this shark found someone as caring and fearless as Eccles.

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