This Strange Water Bottle Trick Gives You Incredible Cell Phone Reception

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This Strange Water Bottle Trick Gives You Incredible Cell Phone Reception

While cell phones have made our lives much easier, they also have a special power to annoy us.

We're constantly worrying about things like if our battery is charged, or if we've gone over our data limit for the month. But by far the most annoying thing about phones is struggling with bad reception.

If your phone is constantly dropping your calls, or you notice that your texts won't send when you're at home, you may be interested in this weird tip for better reception discovered by Jordan Random.

Want to know how this tip works? Well, we're not totally sure to be honest.

Turning airplane mode on and off like Jordan does in this video really can improve your reception.

Sometimes your phone stays connected to a cell tower, even though it's not the closest one to your location. Airplane mode is a way to "reset" the phone so it connects to the closest - and best -signal.

As for the bottle of water? We have no clue what that's for, but anything is worth a try if your reception is bad!

No Camels

If you're in your home or car and the airplane mode trick doesn't improve your call quality, another simple method is to open a window.

Yes, it's really that easy. The problem is that today's windows are such good insulators that even cell signals have trouble getting through. So let the sunshine in and make that important call without any trouble!

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