This Wiener Dog Makes Mission Impossible Look Easy

If you think your dog loves to play fetch, wait until you see this video.

A few pet owners ran into a problem we've all experienced: when playing catch with their dog the ball bounced into their neighbor's yard. Now, there are lots of ways you could handle this situation.

There's the grownup solution of asking your neighbor to give it back, or you could give up and buy another ball. Instead, these crafty folks and their trusty dachshund picked the third option: a daring rescue mission to get the ball back.

From start to finish the wiener dog takes less than 30 seconds rappelling into enemy territory, tracking the ball down and being lifted to safety.

Not bad for the first test of this new maneuver. There's no telling how it would work on a larger breed - it might be tough lowering a Saint Bernard over a fence - but at least pet owners have a fast and easy way to get their toys back.

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