Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

When a couple, a family, or an individual buys their first house, a housewarming party may accompany this big life event. If friends or family of yours have recently bought their first home, here are some gifts you should consider purchasing. These ideas can be personalized to your friends' or family's taste. Think about what they'd be grateful for or what you think they'd make the most use of in their new home.

Flowers and Plants

Flowers and houseplants are beautiful, bring warmth and energy into a home, and serve as a great housewarming gift. 37% percent of purchased flowers are used as gifts, mostly during Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Flowers are a common gift because they remind the recipient that they are cared about. As a housewarming gift, think about what your friends or family members may like most. Perhaps your friend's favorite flowers are lilies. Perhaps your cousin collects succulents. Whatever they may like, purchase a beautiful bouquet and a simple vase to gift or a couple of small houseplants -- or one large houseplant -- to adorn your loved one's new home. Each time they see the plant or the flowers, they'll think of you.


If you're providing a gift to young homeowners, they may not have all of the proper supplies for their home yet. Kitchenware is a great gift for young couples. A unique set of salt and pepper shakers, a new cast iron skillet, a fun tea kettle, a water filter, a unique sponge holder, a set of coasters, a new cutting board, and a unique wooden charcuterie board are all great gift ideas that you can personalize to the loved one you are gifting to. You may even consider purchasing a few of these items.

Meaningful Trinkets and Gifts

When it comes to buying a home, 95% of all buyers listed with a real estate agent go through the traditional “bank financing” process. This process can be extensive and, to be blunt, rather irritating. When first-time homeowners finally close on a house and have a move-in date set, they probably haven't thought about decorations and trinkets they may want to scatter about their new home. This is where you can come in.

Does your friend love flamingos? Gift them a porcelain flamingo to adorn a bookshelf or a flamingo pillow to decorate their living room couch. Does your aunt love artwork? Find a unique art piece to gift to your relative to decorate a wall in their kitchen or hallway. Base your housewarming gift on your loved one's specific taste or add to a current collection they may have. They'll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

Comfy and Cozy Gifts

Is your loved one a book lover? A set of bookends to accompany a book collection, a cozy blanket, and a few new reads would be a great set of gifts. Are your loved ones movie lovers? A movie night gift box could be perfect. This box could include a box of popcorn, some new movies, a big blanket, a few mugs, and a box of hot chocolate. A box of new candles would also be a wonderful gift for new homeowners, as candles bring a sense of calm along with a great smell into a new home. A personalized pillow, perhaps with the new homeowners' move-in year and a picture or meaningful graphic, would also be a thoughtful gift. These personal and cozy gifts will make your loved ones feel happy and special as they settle into their new home.

A Gift Card

If you know your loved ones have been stressed during the house-buying process, perhaps a gift card to a spa would be a perfect gift for a couple or an individual. With so many different treatments to choose from, your loved one or loved ones will absolutely love a day in the spa. For example, Dry Needling, also known as Trigger Point Needling, is a cost-effective technique for the treatment of myofascial pain and dysfunction. Your loved ones could also receive massages, facials, or acupuncture treatment. After a day at the spa, the new homeowners in your life will feel more relaxed and less stressed.

Sports-Themed Gifts

If the new homeowners in your life are avid sports fans, especially for a specific team, a gift that highlights this passion may be a unique and funny gift. A gift box with a small flag, a coaster set, coozies, candle holders, bottle openers, a small pillow, and refrigerator magnets adorned with your loved one's favorite sports team would be a memorable gift. These small items will be useful to the new homeowners and will likely make them smile when they're pulled out to use.

The more personal a gift, the better. Think about what the new homeowners in your life would love, appreciate, and find useful in their new home. Then, personalize it to their own likes and interests. Your loved ones will thank you for your thoughtfulness and will always think of you when they see or use what you've gifted them.

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