They Turned A School Bus Into A Tiny Home And It Looks Nicer Than Some Houses

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They Turned A School Bus Into A Tiny Home And It Looks Nicer Than Some Houses

The Voyager Project

Three friends have decided to take a regular school bus and turn it into the coolest tiny home ever. The three architecture students met at college and discussed the fact that they wanted to create something unique.  

They started by tearing everything out of the bus, revealing that they were in for a lot more work than they had anticipated.

After tearing out the floors they realized that they were dealing with a lot of rust that meant the entire floor needed to be replaced.

Their conversion continued, and over several months they had a bunch of set backs, but over time the bus came together.

They had to make a few changes over their months of work, but the end turned out pretty impressive...

It took 8 months to complete the build, and now that it is done they will be traveling across America together. The design turned out pretty incredible, you've got to see it!

They created innovative ways to fit multiple beds into one bus, by adding folding beds that fit into the walls.

They shared details of the project on social media. Their YouTube channel goes through the entire demolition and build process on film.

It was a long project, but they are super happy with the results.

They worked on the project while they started touring around the country and finally finished it up in Wyoming. They plan on traveling over 20,000 miles in the bus together and hopefully it all goes well!

You would be willing to live inside of a bus while you traveled around the country?

If you want to find out more about their transformation of this bus, you can watch all their YouTube videos or check out their Instagram.