12 Times Ace Of Cakes Made Things That Were Too Cool To Eat

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12 Times Ace Of Cakes Made Things That Were Too Cool To Eat

If you've ever watched Food Network, there's a large chance you'll recognize Duff Goldman's goofy laugh and awkward facial hair (and I say that with love).

The incredible pastry chef is turning 42 this year, but is still a kid at heart.

Duff became a household name when his show, Ace of Cakes, showed everyone just how fun working in a bakery can be. He went to pastry school and ended up opening his own bakery called Charm City Cakes. The bakery is staffed by all his friends.

His best friend, Geoff, is like a real life Eeyore. But we still love him.

Charm City Cakes has produced some incredible cakes in the past. Duff's slogan is "Make it bigger, make it badder, make it awesome!" and honestly he accomplishes that each and every time.

Here are our favorite Duff Goldman cakes!! They look too good to eat (I'm totally kidding. Someone bring me some cake, please.)

1. His Monster Truck cake that had spinning wheels and splashed mud (chocolate) everywhere.

2. The Skylanders cake he made for a charity event.

3. His incredible cake for the 2010 US Open, tiny people included.

Continue reading to see the life size race car cake!

4. This Crayola cake for the 50th anniversary of the company.


6. And that time he made the Hogwarts Express

7. Literally any time he makes cake look like other food.

8. See?

9. It's crazy.

10. This terrifying yet tasty T-Rex.

11. These dirty sneakers you can practically smell.

12. And this to scale cake of a motorcycle that legit had an engine on it.

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