Blizzard Carries Away Tiny Home With Owner And Pets Inside (Photos)

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Blizzard Carries Away Tiny Home With Owner And Pets Inside (Photos)

Cripple Creek Fire Department - Facebook

Tiny homes, the latest craze for people looking to downsize, are marketed as cozy little minimalist sanctuaries.

But stories like this one - about a small house that was picked up and tossed around by strong winds - reminds us there are downsides to life in these quaint little houses.

Cripple Creek Fire Department
The home was dragged 200 feet by harsh winds.Cripple Creek Fire Department - Facebook

A woman from Teller County, Colorado was lucky to be unharmed after a recent blizzard picked up her home and blew it down the road, while she and her pet cats were still inside the building.

Firefighters from nearby Cripple Creek pulled the woman out of the house and snapped photos of the scene that look like they're straight out of The Wizard of Oz.

Tiny home blizzard
A woman and two cats were inside the home when it went airborne.Cripple Creek Fire Department - Facebook

While the tiny home was reportedly anchored down to prevent just this type of emergency, it's unclear if it was secured correctly.

The National Weather Service's office in Pueblo reported that gusts of winds were blowing up to 60 miles per hour when the home was airlifted Tuesday.

Fire Chief Dean O'Nale told Fox 31 that a stroke of good luck as the house was lifted off the ground may have protected the owner.

Tiny Home Blizzard
A local cleaning service has offered to help the homeowner tidy up.Cripple Creek Fire Department - Facebook

"She was laying on the bed when it happened and the mattress rolled over on top of her and it protected her a little bit," he said.

By the time the home came to a stop in a snowy field, it had drifted more than 200 feet.

Reports say that the woman's feline companions were in good shape too, but of course cats always land on their feet.

Tiny home blizzard
The home was supposedly anchored to the ground, but 60 mile an hour winds pulled it up.Cripple Creek Fire Department - Facebook

There's no word on what the woman plans to do about her tiny home. But if she plans on moving, hopefully the wind will pick up in the right direction.

[H/T: Fox News]

Have you ever seen a home get carried away in bad weather?

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