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This Tiny Home Can Be Built By A Robot In Less Than A Day, And It's Super Cheap

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When the first The Sims computer game came out, my whole family was addicted to building and customizing their dream home.

Then we learned about tiny homes, so it's safe to assume that these adorable homes are our newest favorite obsession.

But once we heard about how difficult it is to actually build one of these houses, we felt a bit discouraged.

Also, buying one of these homes can be costly, especially if you're looking for something decent.

A homebuilding startup company is revolutionizing the way we look at our living spaces, and it may just make you want to buy one of them now!

ICON is using a 3D-printing robot to help with cutting the costs of building one of these homes and making the process so much faster than what it would take for a professional to finish a small house.

The robot can print many essential parts of a 650-square-foot model, like the walls, roof, and floor in half a day! The rest of the home will be assembled by a worker.

Their goal is to build these tiny homes in countries where many can't afford a decent living space.

Check out how amazing this home looks, inside and out! It's amazing how all this can be done in just a day's work, and you'll never guess just how much this place costs...

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