"Tip The Bill Challenge" Encourages Diners To Leave a 100% Gratuity To Raise Awareness


"Tip The Bill Challenge" Encourages Diners To Leave a 100% Gratuity To Raise Awareness

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I don't know anyone who is a fan of tipping.

When you go to a restaurant, you're already paying for the food, so why should you have to shell out more money to pay for standard service?

Besides, servers should be paid a decent wage by their employer to do their job.

In some countries, it's not a custom to leave gratuity, and in others, like many European nations, tips are included in the cost of the bill.

But in America, tipping is a custom, and if you leave a restaurant without giving your server a tip, the staff won't be too happy.

Not only that, the reason why tipping is so important in the U.S. is because many states pay their servers less than federal minimum wage.

Since these states pay somewhere between $2 to $4 an hour, the kindness of patrons is really what helps servers to pay their bills.

There's no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to tipping, but etiquette experts believe a gratuity of about 15% to 20% is sufficient.

That being said, there's a new challenge that has diners leaving 100% gratuity, and the reactions to this viral trend will warm your heart.

It's unclear exactly when the trend began, some say the movement began in March 2018, but it finally has taken the internet by storm.

The challenge is meant to encourage diners to show their appreciation for hardworking servers.

One Instagram user posted her bill online, captioning the photo: "I used to be a server. So I know the struggles. I know sometimes I don't have enough to do it. But when I do. I should share what God allowed me share. My waitress was so nice and she deserved it."

And servers are extremely grateful for this kind gesture.

"My last table damn near hit me with the #tipthebillchallenge. Thank you sir!!!! #getwithit," wrote one happy waitress.

Hundreds of people are posting their bill online to raise awareness about how tips are so important for servers, and people have a lot to say about it.

One Twitter user thinks more can be done to address the little income servers make.

Do you think restaurant should start paying their servers a livable hourly wage, or should we be tipping more?

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