Tips For Refreshing Your Look For Summer

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Tips For Refreshing Your Look For Summer

Summer is the time to break out and enjoy the weather. After long winter months, breaking loose and soaking up some sunshine is the perfect cure for any post-seasonal blues. Before planning the perfect summer, take some time to pamper yourself.

Go to the Dentist

A smile is often the first impression you make when meeting new people. Scheduling a dental check-up may not be the first thing that comes to mind when preparing for summer, but it should be. Dentists recommend that you get a dental check-up every six months to prevent damage to your teeth and to do cleanings.

A deep cleaning and whiting can leave you feeling refreshed and new. Often there can be more flexibility in timing to schedule an appointment.

Stay Hydrated

With warmer weather and more time spent outdoors, it is important to stay hydrated. Hydration is not only beneficial to your energy levels and overall health, it can also reduce bloating and flush out toxins from your body.

For those who sometimes struggle with drinking enough water, one way to mix up the flavor is by adding fresh fruit. Keeping a pitcher full of water and adding refreshing fruits such as citrus, berries, watermelon, or cucumbers can add that extra flavor. The benefits of putting fruit in your water include an extra kick of removing toxins, a decreased consumption of sugar, and increased energy promotion for an overall feeling of health.

Take Care Of Your Hair

Higher temperatures and more time spent in the sun can wreak havoc on your hair. Dyed colored hair tends to suffer and fade in the sun and dry skin is an unfortunate truth. Spending more time using moisturizing products that when used from your roots to the ends of your hair strands can prevent breakage and humidity frizz.

For those who are worried about thinning hair, or damaged spots that are becoming close to balding, one option is follicular unit extraction (FUE) or follicular transfer (FT). FUE takes groups of naturally occurring hair follicles in groups of one to four. These are then transplanted to areas of the scalp that may be suffering. When it comes to a larger area FUE can take naturally occurring groups of up to eight follicles for transplantation.

Update Your Wardrobe

Selecting staple pieces for your wardrobe can open a door to versatility. Items like basic white t-shirts, white button-downs, denim shorts, and jean jackets can offer endless possibilities to mix and match. Once you have the staple items, adding your sense of flair to it will set you apart from the crowd.

Of course, no summer spent outdoors or at summer events is complete without sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, and comfortable slides to make trekking across festival grounds comfortable and fashionable.

Get a Cosmetic Treatment

Exfoliation and hydration are summer musts. Exfoliation treatments, such as a coffee or salt scrub can bring brightness to the appearance of your skin. This exfoliation removes dead skin cells and provides a brighter appearance and reduces puffiness and tired-looking skin. Chemical peels and skin resurfacing can also generate the ideal appearance that you are looking to achieve.

Summer is also the time to schedule plastic surgery treatments that are minimally invasive. Summer is a time that both men and women are wearing breezy or revealing clothing, laser hair removal, liposuction, and cool sculpting. These treatments have a short recovery time. The surge of popularity in minimally invasive treatments in the summer months saw 17.5 million cosmetic surgeries performed in 201 in the United States alone.

Summer is a great time to try out a new look, whether that means a new hairdo or a wardrobe change. Consider trying out these ideas to update your look and test the waters with something new and fresh for the hottest season of the year.

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