Tips to Make Your Move as Easy as Possible

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Tips to Make Your Move as Easy as Possible

The coronavirus pandemic left many questioning the place they call home. While renters and homeowners once lived in apartments and homes that were most convenient at the moment, the pandemic inspired many to take a step back, take a closer look at their lives, and focus on the bigger picture. For many, that meant finally making big moves that they may have postponed otherwise.

Movers are taking advantage of low-interest rates, low mortgage rates, and uncertain times to decide what they truly want. "It prompted me to move. I eagerly decided to move, retiring earlier than I originally anticipated," Deborah Betancourt reveals to the Chicago Sun-Times.

No matter what your motivations are for moving, make it a pleasant experience. Keep it simple. Here are some of the best ways to simplify your next move:

Make a Packing Plan

Up to 31 million U.S. adults move during the average year. Even so, many describe the moving process as cumbersome, unpleasant, and tedious. Take the grunt work out of moving by making a packing plan and carefully executing it.

What does a packing plan look like? Clearly lay out each step of the move. Take note of organizational tasks that need doing (e.g., transferring utilities, changing your mailing address, finding a new vet for your pet, and a new pediatrician for your child). Write down notes to follow when selecting a moving company. Remember to compare rates, read reviews, and complete any required paperwork. After taking care of the basics and hiring a reliable moving company, make a list of things you can do before moving into your new home. That may include donating gently used items, purchasing boxes or seeking out free ones, and securing other packaging materials, like moving paper roll, bubble wrap, or newspaper.

Go Ahead: Take Some Shortcuts!

Once again, the idea is to take the stress out of moving and make it as easy as possible. To do that, know where you can cut corners.

For example, it is more than reasonable to leave clothes in dresser drawers. Most moving companies will simply wrap and tape up the entire dresser for you and move it as-is. Likewise, you can leave clothing on hangers and simply transfer them to a wardrobe box to move them on the truck.

Use the Right Moving Service or Rental Company

The U.S. trailer industry is valued at more than $8 billion. It brings in over $1.5 billion per year, and there are as many as 550,000 trailers in North America alone. Whether you enlist the help of a moving company with a large trailer or rent a smaller truck, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about these things.

Talk to friends, family, and coworkers about moving companies they trust. Carefully vet online reviews, and get quotes from at least three different companies to compare rates. If you can swing it, keeping an open mind and an open schedule is best. Many moving companies will offer you a significant discount to move during the week instead of during peak times, like the weekend.

Treat Sore Muscles After Your Move

Perhaps the biggest pains associated with moving are physical ones. Even if you hire a moving company, you may end up moving some items in your personal vehicle. If there is an item that is especially large, fragile, or awkward to move, you may feel most comfortable asking a friend to help you move it on your own rather than putting it on the moving truck. Even so, doing these things can be a literal pain in the neck.

Treat pains, aches, and sore muscles after you move. Apply heat or cold compresses, or take advantage of your medical marijuana card. Pain treatment accounts for 85% of legal cannabis use. Don't be afraid to use it if that is an option for you.

Keep moving as simple and as care-free as possible. Start with a plan, cut corners, team up with the right movers, and treat sore muscles after a taxing move.

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