Two-Year-Old Shreds Parent's $1,000 Cash

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Toddler Shreds An Envelope Filled With His Parents' Cash

Ben Belnap/Twitter

As plenty of parents will tell you, raising children can be a handful.

While they'll also mention it's a wonderful experience they wouldn't change for the world, but you need to have a high level of patience and understanding, especially if your child is under the age of four.

But it isn't always easy.

Parents from Utah have recently had their patience tested after they discovered their two-year-old had shredded more than $1,000 in cash.  

"Well we couldn't find the envelope until my wife checked the shredder."

Ben Belnap is a huge Utah Utes fan, and when his parents gifted him with season tickets to the sports team, he was over the moon.

The football fan decided he wanted to pay them back for their kind gesture, and after a year of saving, he and his wife Jackee reached their goal of $1,060.

When the couple went to deliver the money to Ben's parents, they couldn't find the envelop of cash - until Jackee checked the shredder.

"I'm digging through the trash and she hollers and says, 'I found it,'" Ben told NBC of the October 2 incident. "She's holding the shredder and she says, 'I think the money is in here.' We started laughing. We were just baffled that this could happen."

Jackee and Ben immediately knew who the culprit was - their son Leo.

"Leo helps me shred junk mail and just things with our name on it, or important documents we want to get rid of," the mother-of-one continued, adding they normally shut it off after each use.

"Honestly in my heart, I said some day this is going to be really funny."

Fortunately for the couple, they learned they'll be able to have the cash replaced after contacting the U.S. Department of Treasury.

And of course, will be able to laugh about the incident for years to come.

"As devastated and as sick as we were, this was one of those moments where you just have to laugh," Jackee told ABC 4.

"Honestly in my heart, I said some day this is going to be really funny," Ben agreed, adding that most parents only have to deal with their kids drawing on their walls.

"We have a lot of Leo moments," Jackee also told NBC. "Most of them are just funny, and we laugh about them for days and big jokes, but this was one of those moments that wasn't his greatest, but we love him."

Of course, Jackee and Ben said their son will be banned from going near the shredder anytime soon.

Twitter Reacts

Following the incident, Ben decided to share the comical incident on social media and has been liked more than 1,760 times and retweeted by more than 530 people.

"So me and my wife had been saving up to pay for our [Utah Utes] tickets in cash. We pulled our money out yesterday to pay my mom for the season... Well we couldn't find the envelope until my wife checked the shredder. Yup. 2 year old shredded $1,060," Ben tweeted.

After Twitter users read the tweet, they offered their sympathies and even shared their own mishaps.

When the Utah Ticket Office heard of the incident, they were quick to offer Ben with a couple of free tickets to the game.

Luckily for the Belnaps, all's well that ends well!

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