Tom Hanks Transforms Into Mr. Rogers For New Film

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Tom Hanks Transforms Into Mr. Rogers For New Film

Dick Thomas Johnson - Wikimedia / PBS

If you thought America's favorite movie star couldn't be any more wholesome, you'll want to look at this new preview of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers.

The actor is channeling the beloved children's TV host for an upcoming film about his life called A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers
Hanks is playing Rogers in a movie inspired by his life. Sony Pictures / PBS

A picture from the set - shared for the late Fred Rogers' 91st birthday - shows Hanks recreating the moment when Rogers would take off his outdoor shoes while singing the theme song to his show, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

Rogers hosted his popular children's television series between 1968 until 2001. He passed away in 2003 at the age of 74.

The new look at Mr. Rogers' life comes from Can You Ever Forgive Me? director Marielle Heller, and is based on an Esquire magazine profile about the iconic children's entertainer.

Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers
Matthre Rhys plays a journalist whose life is transformed by meeting Mr. Rogers.Sony Pictures

The film will follow a jaded reporter (Matthew Rhys) whose life is changed by the time he spends getting to know Rogers.

Based on the emotional reactions to last year's documentary about Rogers, Won't You Be My Neighbor?, you'll want to bring a tissue to this new movie when it premieres in November.

Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers
Hanks first showed off his Mr. Rogers costume several months ago.Sony Pictures

Even if the movie turns out to be a real stinker, casting Tom Hanks as the beloved TV host is a pretty great casting choice.

After all, Hanks, 62, is often caught doing random acts of kindness that would make Rogers proud, like when he was taped singing "Happy Birthday" to a stranger at an Albuquerque steakhouse this week.

Samantha Aragon, the lucky birthday girl, said the short interaction with the Forrest Gump star was "literally the best 12 seconds of my life."

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Are you excited to see Hanks play Mr. Rogers?

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