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Top 5 Best Cities to Travel for Food

Food Tourism is a concept that has always been there but is recently taking root worldwide. The Food Tourism Association defines "the act of travelling for a taste of place to get a sense of place."The same association has several classifications that comprise a food tour, including taking cooking classes, wine tasting or a brewery tour, food market experience, or a producer's visit.

Since food is a core part of human nature and survival, it has become a passion for many and a source of travel for others. Even those who desire to look for items online will find online casinos with various True Blue casino no rules bonus codes especially fruitful. Therefore, food enthusiasts can visit varying cities around the world, including:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Naples Italy
  3. Lyon, France
  4. Charleston, USA
  5. Osaka, Japan

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, is a city dubbed by food enthusiasts as full of "Aroma and Flavor." It is also famous for the most advanced and coveted "Street Foods" with authentic Thai Flavors. In a single day, the city can see the pickiest food eaters and foreigners tempted to street food and pick some of the tastiest selections at the end! A single taste will deliver all that is "Sweet, Sour Salty or Spicy!" There are no limitations to what a food tourist can achieve while visiting Bangkok with the fine and relaxed dining experiences.

The popularity of street food does bring in most food enthusiasts, but fine dining to accommodate all tourists is available in the city. Visit local joints in the capital and take part in the most quality fine dining at a reasonable price. However, if you desire international cuisine similar to those served in Japan or Taiwan, consider visiting international restaurants in the city. But, if looking for an "Explosion of Taste,” street Thai curries, Som Tam Salad, Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai noodles will do the trick!

2. Naples China

Pizza is an expected food option for food enthusiasts to try when visiting any city or region in Italy. However, that is not the primary reason for visiting Naples. The town is famous for its "Sweets Shops" that operate 24 hours every single day. Imagine that, in our village, bars and beers are what you will find open for services at one in the morning.

However, in Naples, you can get an espresso sweet with a pie to go at one in the morning! In addition, you can get a variety of traditional dishes in the city that will have you visiting every time you go to Italy. Some of the most popular dishes you must try include: Fried pizza is a novelty for most foreigners but provides the freshest and most fantastic pizza bread in the entire universe. Another popular dish is the Pasta Alla Genovese, pasta with an onion sauce that can sound disgusting at first but is quite good after a bite. Many describe the dish as "Flavorful." Finally, the course cannot end without some sweets, including Struffoli, Taralli and Neapolitan Coffee, and more!

3. Lyon, France

The world Heritage Site has many food qualities to offer food to tourists visiting France. Classics to the French community are easily accessible, but food enthusiasts should expect more modernization in the quality of flavours in use. Lyon remains a city of style, and the source of "Food is an Art" pioneer chef Paul Bocuse. At the same time, the town retains its "Haute Cuisine,” making it the first priority destination for any food tourist out there! Plus, get a pick of suitable wines to help accompany the unique dishes placed on your table! You can eat at one of the city's "Bouchons,” which are popular traditional restaurants! You can order any of the following Bouchon specials Quenelle de Brochet, Pâté en Croûte and Salade Lyonniase, and more depending on the day!

4. Charleston, US

Charleston is famous for providing romantic getaways with popular sights for individuals traversing the country or the world. It is one of the smaller cities in the United States with a population of around 200,000. The city has ample access to spectacular cooking ingredients and a range of creative professionals converting these to unique dishes to try out! If you are a fan of Southern foods and flavours, you are welcome to try any dish in Charleston, USA. Conde Nast, an online writer about travel and things to try, indicated that Charleston is a town to visit, while "Hungry!" suggests that local ingredients are readily available naturally from the farm and quality fish from the sea. In combination, the city provides both the old and traditional, the new and hip, and a "Delicious!"

5. Osaka, Japan

Osaka, Japan, is famous due to its outgoing and social population welcoming you into their city. However, it is more famous for "Casual Food" stands, and many food enthusiasts also call it the "king" of street food. Most individuals who visit the city marvel at their "takoyaki and okonomiyaki," simple snacks but appetizing! Any day or time you decide to visit the country, Osaka’s extroverted population will offer you a specialized dining experience that surpasses all other countries and cities on the list, even Paris. Be sure to visit the city during summer for a more extensive street food experience as winters tend to be more biting, and street food may not be available then. However, you can time any japan festival, and you will find several delicacies at a go depending on the celebrations! The cuisine is so advanced that the city has a slogan "kuidaore,” which when translated means "to eat oneself to ruin." It is not just the food, but combined with an advanced nightlife where you can engage in a few drinks or free pokies online or walk-in casino, the dining and entertaining experiences make it worthwhile.


Many cities have unique foods or cuisines that food enthusiasts can visit. Every city beckons tourists with their own charm and uniqueness. However, the following cities are the best cities for food: Bangkok, Thailand, Naples, Italy, Lyon, France, Charleston, USA, and Osaka, Japan. Each city has a unique dish of flavours to offer in a container. Thus, you can experience both traditional, modernized and a mix of both whenever you decide to visit the cities!

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