Top 5 Content Ideas for an Aesthetic Feed

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Top 5 Content Ideas for an Aesthetic Feed


Instagram might have initially emerged as just an app where people might connect and share their daily activities. However, now it has become more of a platform where people are actually desiring to build their careers.  

Nevertheless, this is not always as easy as it seems to be. There is a lot of competition and hence individuals trying to grow their accounts on Instagram have to come up with new and unique ideas every time they wish to share anything on their feed.

With choosing a good niche you are skilled and interested in doing, it has equally become important that your feed with good content also looks aesthetically appealing. How, might be your question.

Well, we have got you covered on this. Here are a few amazing ideas for an aesthetic feed that won’t only make your feed look appealing but help you increase your followers and reach on Instagram.

1. Experiment With Themes

Whatever you do on Instagram or whatever your niche is, you always need to have aesthetically good ideas for your feed. Experimenting with themes and color combinations is a great option while choosing the right one for your feed.

You can also make up your feed in a different theme for a week and with another for the next. This way your feed would not look monotonous while also giving your audience the change from the similar-looking visual content every time.

Experimenting with themes also helps you get new ideas and plan the whole week’s post that goes with the theme in advance so that you do not have to get up with a new idea every day, thinking about the content you would upload.

The new theme does not only mean changing the color combinations but you can also choose to go with a boundary or something extra on the post that gives an aesthetic look while also adding extra visual effect to the posts.

2. Filter Selection

It is not necessary to apply very different filters for everything you upload on Instagram. Rather applying the same filter on everything you post gives a sense of identity.

A similar filter would give a similar effect to even different-looking pictures which would make your feed identical as well as aesthetically appealing.

You can set the filters that you like in advance and apply them to the picture or video or anything you are posting. This idea is not just for the aesthetic look of your feed but it also saves you a lot of time.

You do not have to think of new filters and spend a lot of time editing but simply choose the previously used filters. Yet, you can also try this by changing it over a week or month to get off with the monotonousness.

You can directly choose your filters from the Instagram application itself or if you wish to add extra effects you can go with various editing tools available.

3. Banner

You must have definitely seen people posting pictures that make no sense. But once all the series of those pictures get uploaded, it turns out to be a single picture. This might be a bit difficult but has a lot of advantages.

The banner images save you from getting new content ideas for a few days till you are posting the images for the same banner.  You can post a picture from the entire series once a day.

This also saves you time by not getting to post anything new for these days as well as creating a sense of curiosity within your audience which might, in turn, be beneficial for you. This way there are chances to increase your following as well.

This concept also increases the chance of the number of visits on your profile. If anybody sees a picture from the series in the explore feed, they might be compelled to visit your profile to see the entire picture. This also increases the chance of getting more followers.

4. Color Palette

The color palette you are choosing must define your content. Think of what goes with the type of content you are posting. Would loud and bright colors suit or the calm, subtle ones is an important question?

Even if you are changing themes in a specific period of time you can stick to the primary idea of choosing the aesthetics.

For example, if you are using a pastel color for a week’s posts, don’t suddenly turn to bright colors.  You can instead give a variation between the color shades of pastels rather than completely changing the feed’s theme

This would make your feed look irrelevant if you do not stick to a primary idea. You can also visit MegaFamous to help you grow your account more quickly.

5. Plan a Layout

Users often have an idea that your feed can only look aesthetic with just the color palette we c=are choosing. However, this is not the case. Planning a layout is another option for making your feed look aesthetically appealing.

The way you plan your grid also chooses how your feed would look. For a similar looking feed and giving you a distinct identity, you can try to put up the images with the exact same resolution.

For Instance, you may put up squared images every time to give an identical look to your feed. There are also a lot of other ways like posting a blank image after each of your posts or in a row. You can try putting up images in a vertical or horizontal row.

This is an idea that might give you a lot of options to choose from and eventually let you plan your grid that would look amazing.


These were a few ideas on how you can make your feed look visually appealing. Try doing these as well as experimenting with new ideas to never go out of trend. Make your feed look like something that viewers do not want to get away with and you are all set to make this social media platform a career and earning platform for yourself.

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