Top 7 Countries to Travel Alone

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Top 7 Countries to Travel Alone

Being social has a lot of advantages to one's mind and soul. You have the opportunity to interact with people to gain networking leverage. However, no matter how much you need these interactions, some 'Me' time is also necessary for everyone. It is time spent alone as opposed to meeting people and working tirelessly. You get to relax your body and mind and also stay off the media for some time. It is seen as an opportunity to relieve yourself from stress and also to restore your energy.

People have different ways of spending their 'Me' time. Some stay back at home to rest for some days while some others take a long-hour trip alone. Anyone had better depend on what suits you as a person. Some countries are best visited alone because you have so many attention-seeking places to meet. Right from the airport, you will be fascinated by the warm welcome and the fantastic atmosphere. Even being a casino player, you can get True Blue casino code online when searching for them in those locations.

In this article, let's discuss some countries where you can travel alone to live in the moment and forget about your worries for a while – and maybe even forever. Here they are:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • Brazil

Let's dive in!


Spain is generally believed as one of the best countries for solo travel. It is one of the biggest and safest countries in Europe to travel alone. There are so many places of attraction that will draw your attention, and you will like to spend some time around. First, if you are a football lover, you can visit the Nou Camp in Barcelona, Spain, or Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid. Those are the official football stadiums of the clubs mentioned. They are among the most beautiful you can ever visit in a lifetime. If you support any of these clubs, it is an opportunity to watch one of their matches live!

If you are a lover of art and culture, you can visit the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia; it is a beautiful place to leave a memory. There are so many art pieces you want to take a picture of or even have as a souvenir. In addition, Spain has museums, restaurants, mountains, hills, and other tourist places you can check out.


Italy is another beautiful country to visit. Italy is at the top of many people's vacation lists because it is a destination for anyone who wants to explore new environments alone. If you are the type that loves mountaineering or have always wanted to try it, find your way to Italy. If you're going to unleash the gourmet in you on your following vacation plans, Italy is not the worst choice. If you are a music person and want to hear stars sing all day, there are places for you to visit and get astonished while listening to voices singing. And, if you're going to experience two different moments at a time, everything is possible in Italy.

The Renaissance City in Italy makes Florence one of the best cities to visit. You can take a walk around the city centre in a fantastic evening to feed your eyes with beautiful buildings. Rome, the capital of the country, is another city you wouldn't want to miss. Rome is quite bigger than Florence, so you might want to map out a plan for your favourite places to visit before going on the journey.


There are so many unique destinations for you to see in Greece. If you wish to travel to Greece alone for a vacation, Athens, the country's capital, is one of the best cities to start your trip. The city has colourful neighbourhoods that you would like to explore if you had the chance a thousand times. You can begin your tour from the Acropolis Museum where you see some masterpieces of art – and even the one you have never seen before, both live and in documentaries.

If you are a movie lover, there are open-air cinemas where you can watch English movies. If you decide to travel during the summertime, you can explore different beach bars. Once you are done in Athens and want to explore more, you can see the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio. It is a magnificent monument to explore.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a perfect solo-travel country for you and a more surreal experience as a first-timer. It is a country that is sure to get a 10/10 rating from you at the end of your trip. There are different hotels, campsites, and adventurous gardens for you to explore. If you love road rides, you can hire a nice comfy car to drive around the beautiful North and South islands. Auckland is a city in New Zealand surrounded by volcanic craters. It is known as the 'City of the Sails' because it has a beautiful shade where you can sit and watch as people are sailing across the world.

The Sky Tower is another tourist attraction to visit. It offers the best view of the cities around you when you are standing on the topmost floor of the tower. You can go skydiving over Lake Taupo or mountain biking in Hastings.


Australia is a classic solo-travel country, especially for the working class. It is a country with friendly citizens, and you have the opportunities to meet new people and create long-lasting memories. If you have the chance to travel to Australia for a short-timed vacation, there is a tendency you will end up spending more time than you originally planned. One of the best cities to start your tour from is Sydney. It has beautiful places like the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and Bondi Beach. There are so many places that are best explored at night because of the lights.

They have different scenes that can suit any man's budget and tastes. All you need to do is do a little research online before visiting them so you don't get stuck halfway. Melbourne is another city for you to explore; it has sports grounds to watch exciting matches. Try Australia and record an unforgettable experience.


Portugal is widely recognized for its arid plains on the south side, beach-lined coast, and mountainous north. Portugal is a relatively small country, and it is a perfect choice for travellers with few weeks to spend. Lagos is a place on the Algarve Coast in Portugal with multiple hostels for travellers like you to lodge. The hostels organize group tours for fellow travellers with common interests, and there are also hostels for travellers that want to go into the country independently. Lisbon, the country's capital, is a place that will steal your heart on your first visit.

Lisbon is a small city where you can walk, sightsee and observe beautiful buildings, commercials, and terrains. You can also make use of taxis, trains, and buses to navigate around the city. Porto is another safe place to explore in Portugal with its riverside setting and tiled buildings.


Brazil, one of the most popular South American countries, is another fantastic place you can explore. Brazil is globally recognized for its wetlands, wildlife, waterfalls, beaches, and the Amazon river. If you have read about the Seven Wonders of the World and you hope to see some of them one day, then Brazil is a country where you can fulfill your dream. Brazil has two out of the Seven Wonders: Christ the Redeemer Statue and the Harbour of Rio de Janeiro.

Asides from that, there are several places of attraction for you to inspect. For example, if you want to go on a jungle tour, you can visit these places, but please go with a male guide.

You can explore other beautiful countries, but these seven are the essential ones you need to tick off your bucket list because the life experience is second to none. Check for reliable travel agencies and take a short break to reduce work stress and enjoy lovable moments.

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