Top 8 Activities For Teams In The Virtual Era

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Top 8 Activities For Teams In The Virtual Era

Organizing team buildings in the virtual era isn't challenging as it may seem. Click for the list of the top virtual activities for teams.

Activities For Teams That Turn Colleagues Into Best Friends

Team buildings maintain your business culture alive and bring team members much closer together. Thus, organizing various events can benefit in the long term. Assembling people to an on-site event is easy. However, creating a super-fun virtual event that'll keep everyone's attention can be challenging. Remote team buildings are much different than in-person. Therefore, if you aim to skyrocket your company culture, and increase employee engagement, take a look at our top activities for teams that work remotely.

Virtual Escape Rooms

We all like to keep our brain cells usage to the maximum when we solve puzzles and riddles. As a result, both physical and virtual escape rooms have experienced a considerable boom. However, online escape rooms can be a perfect exercise for your team members when speaking about remote activities.

Besides the obvious fun, such activities require your team to communicate and work together. Also, this action can help you to locate your team's weakest and strongest points. What's more, such remote events will not take too much of their time. Thus, you can expect a high level of concentration from your team.

However, keep in mind the limitation regarding the number of people who can fit in a virtual room. The optimal number should be between 4 and 10. Thus, we recommend you carefully organize your team into groups and make sure you have enough rooms.

Yoga Classes And Other Stretching Activities

There are many reasons why this particular physical activity is so popular. Namely, it is much easier to organize, as you can fit an unlimited number of people. Also, such activities for teams can improve their well-being immensely. Practicing yoga helps people to improve both physical and mental health. As a result, you can help relax your team members and serve as an exceptional bonding experience. Moreover, physical activities can produce a lot of bloopers, so you can all have a nice laugh at someone's account.

Keep in mind that you would need a yoga instructor to complete this challenge. Therefore, you can conduct research and find the one that fits the group the best. Luckily, there are a lot of opportunities online. Thus, you don't have to spend too much time searching. What's more, these types of events are incredibly budget-friendly.

Gather People To A Cooking Class

Food brings people together. Organizing a cooking class can be a perfect opportunity to make your team members loved as they share this experience. Also, cooking comes as an extremely friendly social activity. If you're an excellent cook, you can lead the class by yourself. Otherwise, it's always good to hire a professional and learn some new tricks and recipes. Also, you can arrange a themed- based cooking day, depending on the season.

Bear in mind not all your colleagues have the same cooking taste. Hence, they will probably not have the same ingredients. Make sure you send them the list before the class. What's more, such family-oriented events are among the most entertaining activities for teams as they typically come with some memorable, pain-in-the-cheeks laughs.

Karaoke Talent Contest

Team buildings exist to turn people's thoughts away from work and loosen them up a bit. Many people find karaoke liberating and a perfect way to remove stage fear. Encourage your team members to be creative. They can dance, sing solo, or in a duet. With karaoke, there are no limits in terms of creativity. After a couple of drinks, everyone will want to have their share of fun. As a result, you can have a fantastic night, full of laughs and excitement. Also, you can get to know your teammates better based on their favorite songs. You can find out what's hiding deep in their souls.

Organize A Casino Night Online

Visiting casinos always arouses a unique feeling of thrill and excitement. Therefore, throwing your team a glamorous casino night can shake them up and bring them together. You can choose between the most popular casino titles that people enjoy playing, such as roulette, slots, poker, or blackjack.

There are not that many events that can invoke thrill, excitement, and suspense simultaneously. For that reason, casino night can be one of the most relaxing activities for teams. Although we speak about a virtual event, you can still ask your teammates to dress up, with no limitations in cocktails and other drinks.

Play Dungeons & Dragons

When you have trolls, elves, dwarves, and wizards, the adventure is guaranteed. D&D is a team game. Hence, it is a perfect team-building activity for both larger and smaller teams. What's more, if you have a great storyteller among yourselves, there's a serious chance that you'll end up playing all night. Being a social game, Dungeons & Dragons make people work together and solve their way out of anything. Also, the game represents a perfect stress-free zone where one's imagination will come to the fore. Bring your team together to beat the scary old dragon and have a lot of fun. If the players are beginners they can learn more about Dungeons and Dragons by reading the Players Handbook or by exploring guides and abilities of DnD 5e Barbarian Class, Fighter, Ranger, or any other class they choose. There are many abilities that Barbarian Class offers that can be extremely helpful for beginners, such as the ability to deal extra damage when attacking with a two-handed weapon or being able to resistance to being frightened. In addition, this class also has many abilities that can help beginners survive in combat situations, such as the ability to resist being stunned or the ability to recover quickly from being knocked unconscious. By choosing the DnD 5e Barbarian Class, beginners can get a leg up in their dungeon-crawling adventures.

Have A Pet Contest

People love to speak about their pets. Therefore, you can arrange a small pet contest. Let everyone introduce their pet in a fun way. Give everyone the same time limit and let them tell their stories or simply allow their pets to fool around and do all the work. What's more, you can make a pet fashion show and let your team be creative in making funny pets clothes and accessories.

Final Thoughts

The idea behind every team building is to get people to know each other better. With the increased level of communication, every team works more coherently. However, besides being a cliché, on-site events like paintballing, pool tournaments, or Friday drinks, aren't the only source of fun. Many other virtual events can bring your team together and invoke their work enthusiasm all over again. Hence, take a look at our top activities for teams in the virtual era, and try them out. We're sure you'll be noticing positive changes within your team in no time.

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