Top 8 Reasons to Study Abroad in the UK

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Top 8 Reasons to Study Abroad in the UK

The UK is a global destination for many prospective international students. Whether you want to enjoy the laid back culture or the fast-paced lifestyle, this is the country to consider. It is not a surprise that the UK continues to receive a lot of international students yearning to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in popular campuses. The level of education is also unmatched, thus if you study the abroad UK, you are guaranteed job opportunities as soon as you graduate.

The education system in the UK is globally recognized because of the support given to students. After you enroll, you are assigned tutors who will guide you in every unit of the course. If you have little time to write your assignments, you can request top Edubirdie writers to help you. You will find professional British essay writers who are always ready to deliver upon your request. This means that you can enjoy a movie or take a walk as the experts work on your paper.

Below are some of the reasons why studying abroad in England should be one of your priority:

1.     Amazing Reputation in Academics

One of the most significant aspects that put the UK on the global map is education. The field of academia is vibrant. For example, top universities like Cambridge and Oxford have been in existence for close to a century. For all this period, they have produced high ranking career professionals. Among the world’s top institutions, 50 positions are taken up by the UK institutions.

2.     Affordable Programs

Higher education in the UK is cheaper than programs in other countries like the USA and Australia. For instance, you only need to part with £2000 to £3000 for tuition. Even before moving into the country, you simply need £16000 as your bank balance to acquire a visa to travel. Compared to other English speaking countries, this rate is fairer.

3.     Increasing Student Population

While studying in England, you will come across a student population living across all cities. Every year, this population keeps ballooning because the UK attracts several international students. Therefore, you will enjoy the company of likeminded students coming from different cultures. This implies that shops offering study items will provide discounts for you. Services from recreational centers like restaurants will also be lowered to favor students, giving you more reasons to study abroad in London.

4.     Free Healthcare

If your study program compels you to study in the UK for more than 6 months, you will definitely access free healthcare, courtesy of the National Health Service (NHS). You may be required just to buy drugs, but this too is subsidized under the NHS policy. It does not matter how much the drugs cost. This serves as a relief to those learners who are worried about paying school fees amidst high costs of living. Probably you may not fall sick, but the guarantee that you will access treatment is enough to provide peace of mind.

5.     Employment Opportunities alongside Study

There are massive opportunities for students in the UK. Once you acquire a student visa, you become eligible to work in a part-time job. The UK government has established a minimum wage of £118.00. You can work for up to 20 hours a week. You may also apply for internship programs in internationally recognized brands like BBC. Through this effort, students will build their resumes to enable them to land lucrative jobs in the future.

6.     Wide Range of Degrees

It does not matter the course you intend to pursue, just review and make the application because the UK universities offer education in all fields. Whether it is management, media, arts, engineering, law, and many others, you are fully sorted. You will be surprised that close to 3000 degrees are offered in the country. Some of them are unique, and maybe you have not heard of them before.

7.     Good Transport Network

No doubt that you will have free days to travel around the country as you explore features and tourist destinations. Today, transport systems are very efficient, so you can easily come from mainland Europe and access the UK. Train and plane routes are perfectly interconnected; you will, therefore, reach destinations in the shortest time. With these facilities, you may spare some time to learn about some cultures in UK society.

8.     Home to the Biggest Library

The UK boasts of the largest library based in London. Within the catalog, there are 170 million items. This is a massive advantage for you since you are exposed to one of the greatest features of the world. More importantly, the library hosts the Reading Room, a famous section where masses attend the quiet study. In case your college library lacks an item, you can access the British Library and find help.


For quality education, make a point of attending institutions in the UK. The country has a rich history in university education, and this should give you enough confidence. Fortunately, you don’t have to be rich to gain admission because all the courses are highly affordable.

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