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7 Celebrities That Made Way More Dead Than You Ever Will Alive

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It's hard to imagine someone being able to make more money beyond the grave than someone who is touring every night and releasing new albums.

While these celebrities may be dearly departed, they clearly have not been forgotten because we still continue to help them add to their estate.

Check out the Forbes list of the top 7 highest-paid dead celebrities for 2017. Some of these may surprise you.

7. Prince $18 Million

Passing away in April 2016, Prince saw a surge of music sales after his sudden passing. His assets remain seriously under-exploited because he apparently didn't have a will at the time of his death.

6. Tom Petty $20 Million

Tom Petty suddenly passed away on October 3, 2017, just days before the eligibility period ended. His earnings reflected his past year on the road where his band was earning just over $1 million per night. He also saw a boost in music sales after his passing with people rediscovering the late artist's work.

5. Bob Marley $23 Million

The Jamaican singer rounds out the top five with substantial earnings boosted by sustainability-focused House of Marley audio products and the Marley Beverage Company. Considering he passed away in 1981, that's a pretty impressive feat.

“When we decided to start that movement, it was [to] add relevancy to who we are as a family,” says Marley’s son Rohan. “We started that to really home in on our legacy and protect what our father has given us.”

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