Top Educational Apps and Resources for Students

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Top Educational Apps and Resources for Students

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Digital devices were viewed as distractions for students for a long time. But since recently, the attitude to modern technology has changed dramatically. Nowadays, smartphones are considered helpful tools that improve learning outcomes. They do not interfere with the study anymore and rather boost its effectiveness. Let's say you want to study music. You can easily find great websites like with professional lessons at your convenience. Most teachers encourage students to use their digital devices as they’ve transformed themselves into virtual classrooms. So let’s have a closer look at the ways technology affects learners.

Appy Pie’s AppMakr makes app development effortless

Those who are interested in app development can benefit from this online platform for students as it helps create various apps according to someone’s unique preferences. Appy Pie’s AppMakr is very easy to use, which reduces the possibility of making mistakes. As it allows codeless development, one doesn’t need to have programming skills. Appy Pie’s AppMakr also saves time because there is no chance to get lost in codes. What’s more, it offers instant app testing and chat support. In general, Appy Pie’s AppMakr can encourage creativity and innovation among app development learners.

Khan Academy gives a chance to work from home

Online learning has become an integral part of our everyday life. And one of the best resources for that is Khan Academy which offers various digital activities like quizzes, guides, and tests as well as videos. This online platform encourages learning at home. One can master various skills in different subjects, such as grammar, science, history, math, and many more at Khan Academy. Moreover, it has a schedule of upcoming lessons and videos so that you can add them to your calendar and stick to a plan. A good thing is that this online platform offers data and information in 40 different languages. Students can use both the Khan Academy website and an app, which is really convenient.

Google Classroom assists in getting thesis writing help

Google Classroom makes the education process much easier for both students and teachers. This is a virtual classroom that allows us to create classes and have discussions online. Students can get announcements, share resources with each other, submit assignments, and get grades without leaving their homes. If one needs help, they can easily ask a question and get the right answer much faster than when trying to approach a professor in person. Personally, I tried to find someone who could do my thesis for me when I was a student but nobody could help me. Luckily, modern online technology makes it easier to reach out to different people and get assistance. Google Classroom allows students to connect with many other people from their college with almost no effort, so one can find a solution to their academic problems much easier than ever before.

EdX improves career opportunities

Unfortunately, not every student can afford to study at the world’s leading universities. But EdX can make your dreams come true by offering the courses of top colleges like Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and many more. So if you can’t get into these universities, do not get discouraged as you still can learn from their outstanding professors. Just download the EdX app on your phone and the best programs from all over the world will be there for you. You can find more than 2000 courses in computer science, business studies, engineering, linguistics, and many other fields. Get valuable knowledge from video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and handouts. This is a great way to boost your chances for building a successful professional career in the future as EdX provides learners with certificates and sometimes even university credits.

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New York Public Library answers any questions

Thanks to digitalization, anybody can access the New York Public Library online from anywhere. This platform has a great digital collection of free books that can meet various needs. Even students seeking thesis help can get some good book recommendations there. The New York Public Library has a wide range of reading resources and offers different academic support. So instead of plagiarizing your peers’ works or turning to a thesis writing service, you can just check the library without leaving your home and get the information you need.

The National Constitution Center offers live discussions

This online platform is used to organize constitutional conversations for students. The National Constitution Center makes expanded classroom exchanges possible. It can be accessed from desktop, laptop, or smartphone via Zoom. This resource provides remote learning opportunities through both public (open source) and private (on request) sessions for students.

As you may see, online resources and smartphone apps allow students to do various curricular activities with ease and focus. They make education interactive and fun-filled. Developing skills gets simpler and enjoyable with the help of educational software. This way,  the educational landscape keeps changing and makes students more engaged in learning.

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