Top Facebook Marketing Hacks

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Top Facebook Marketing Hacks

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If you are a marketer, you should not ignore the role of Facebook in the business world. With over a million active Facebook users, you have an excellent platform to grow your business. However, it is challenging to stand out amongst your competitors. You need to learn the best Facebook Marketing ideas to make you stand out in this crowded social sea. Here are the top Facebook marketing hacks.

1. Use Your Competitors.

You can now use your competitors for targeting. Facebook allows you to see your competitor’s audience's trends, providing you with an excellent opportunity to target effectively. You can also study your competitors’ ads to see whether they are working or not.

2. Video Ads.

Currently, people prefer watching from reading. Facebook videos engage the audience. However, you should ensure that your videos are not too long that they become a bother. Facebook users look for entertainment. As such, you need a quick way to distract their attention. Create short and enticing videos to engage your audience effectively. Another benefit of Facebook video ads is that they are easy to film and edit.

Contests. While Facebook contests are not a new thing, they remain effective. Running a contest is an excellent way to spur and engage Facebook users. You can start something simple that has a reward for the winner. For instance, you can ask your followers to post a picture of them holding your product then tag you on their timeline. You will then randomly select a winner for a gift hamper.

3. Accurate Targeting.

Did you know that Facebook allows you to target a specific audience? For instance, you can target English-speaking women between the ages of 28 and 39 who live in a 20-mile radius of Boston, MA. However, you must analyze your customers and form a buyer persona before you consider accurate targeting. If you are not careful, this strategy can work against you. As such, ensure you understand your audience and avoid getting too granular with your specific targeting that nobody sees your product.

4. Unique Ads.

When creating a new Facebook ad, you can either duplicate an ad or use an ad’s ID. If you want a faster way to create a new ad, you will probably duplicate a previous one. This is the fatal mistake committed by most marketers. Duplicating an ad makes you lose the engagement of the initial version. Facebook users like to follow posts with multiple engagements. By using an ad’s ID, you will combine all your likes and comments in one place. This is a powerful way to gain trust from your followers.

In the current world, Facebook marketing is no longer limited to the use of paid ads. You can use other strategies at your disposal. However, you must ensure that you have several followers. If you are struggling to gain new followers, you can always purchase FB followers, likes, and views. With these strategies in mind, Facebook advertising may become your fastest growing marketing channel.

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