Tourists Notice Distressed Swan, Local Man Steps Up To Help

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Tourists Notice Distressed Swan, Local Man Steps Up To Help

Jack McGrath was just walking across a bridge minding his own business when he noticed something a bit unusual. A swan was walking along the sidewalk with all the people looking lost and afraid while cars sped by.

"I was walking over the bridge on my way home from work and met two American tourists who were watching the swan in distress but didn't know how they could help it. So I stayed with it until it got comfortable with me and then rang Limerick Animal Welware to ask for advice." - Jack McGrath

Because the LAW was so far away, they needed him to help the poor swan before it got hurt. It was having trouble understanding the traffic and didn't know where to do so McGrath had to step in. He waited until the swan was a bit calmer than tried to walk with him towards the river.

The swan didn't understand what to do with the cars, but when it jumped out in front of them McGrath followed and got the cars to stop.

"I helped guide him across the bridge, walking side by side with him to make sure he stayed safe, then walked him down the steps to the river and stayed until he jumped in to safety." - Jack McGrath

The bird was brought down to the water where it jumped in and hopefully will think twice before it tries to take the bridge again.