Training and Practice Tests: Your Effective Preparation Tools for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

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Training and Practice Tests: Your Effective Preparation Tools for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

Are you thinking about getting the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate badge? Or are you in the preparation phase for its AZ-104 exam? Either way, you will find this article very helpful as we are about to give you an insight into what topics you need to master to pass this test hassle-free and what significant study options are available.

Azure Administrator Associate Certification: What’s Involved?

Microsoft Azure technology has managed to take the IT industry in a whirl. It offers a handy cloud computing platform that allows you to create, test, implement, and handle various apps and services. The reason why it's so popular in large-scale organizations is that it increases their efficiency and reduces their costs by a considerable amount. Thanks to this, a lot of new job opportunities have opened up for people who are skilled in working with Microsoft Azure.

Now, it’s not so difficult to enter this field since even being a newbie with six months of Azure administering experience, you can apply for Microsoft’s associate-level badge. To earn it, you’ll only need to pass one test which is AZ-104so as to prove your skills in:

  • Managing Azure identities and their governance
  • Implementing and managing storage
  • Deploying Azure compute resources and managing them
  • Configuring and managing virtual networks
  • Monitoring and backing up Azure assets

So, how can you grasp all these topics? Let’s find out below.

Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Preparation

The first thing every candidate should do when starting exam preparation is to explore vendor-provided preparation options. As for Microsoft, it gives you two AZ-104 learning paths:

  • Free online training

This option is great for those who prefer self-study or have a busy schedule becauseits content is available for you anywhere anytime. This training is divided into 6 modules that thoroughly discuss the entire exam content.

  • Paid instructor-led courses

In case you need guidance when preparing for AZ-104, this variant is the best choice as it allows you to interact with an instructor. Moreover, apart from covering all the tested themes, these courses include lab sessions.

Besides Microsoft resources, you can also make use of books and video tutorials to enhance your knowledge. It’s not too hard to get access to these materials, lots of them are available on YouTube and Amazon.

However, the options we discussed so far were for plain gathering knowledge. But when facing the assessment, you will need an entirely different form of expertise. You have to be familiar with the exam structure, know how to best approach different types of questions, decipher the tricky ones, and get everything done within the time limit. And the best way to acquire this mastery is through practice tests. You can readily find them online but you must also make sure that they are legit so that you are not misled on what to expect at the exam.


The best way to prove your skills in Azure Administration is to get yourself Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential. And now you know how you can pass its required AZ-104 assessment easily. Choose your preferred training format, make use of practice tests and other recommended resources, and excelling in this exam will be a piece of cake!

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