Travel to Los Cabos? Here’s the Latest Tourism Advice and Entry Requirements

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Travel to Los Cabos? Here’s the Latest Tourism Advice and Entry Requirements

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Whether it is a honeymoon or celebrating your 30’s, a trip to Los Cabos is a vacation you will never forget. The enticing blue water of the Sea Cortez creates the perfect scenario for any kind of getaway. Los Cabos remains a preferred destination for travelers around the world but in particular for U.S citizens. It was one of the first touristic locations to welcome back visitors while the worldwide shut down amid the early stages of the pandemic.

In 2021, Los Cabos continues to welcome visitors safely, receiving tons of admiration for its management of the pandemic and earning appreciation from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and other organizations for applying elevated health and safety measures meant to protect locals and visitors of Los Cabos alike. Los Cabos remains one of the most appreciated tourist and business locations and can be experienced safely in 2021.

Is Los Cabos Safe to Visit Now?

The answer to this question revolves now around health and sanitation more than ever before. Mexico travel advisors have recently urged travelers to abide by local policies and protocols based on the latest pandemic updates and CDC travel procedures. That means basic safety procedures like protection masks and temperature checks will be required in every restaurant and shop. If you’re wondering whether Los Cabos is safe, should feel reassured by the administration’s commitment to these practices.  

What about COVID-19 Tests?

Health and safety representatives claim that there is no travel restriction for visitors coming to Mexico. However, the CDC advises getting fully tested or vaccinated before and after your trip if traveling to Los Cabos. The government officials do ask that all travelers and natives abide by these suggested COVID-10 safety measures, like social distancing in public areas or the use of facemasks, or washing your hands more often.

Travel Requirements

The U.S has recently issued a CDC update that requires COVID-19 testing to all visitors traveling to or through the state. The new guidelines clearly specify that all passengers, age two and more, present proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to enter U.S territory.

Instead of a negative test, travelers may also bring a document of recovery from a licensed medical professional that clears the person for travel. Without any of these documents, your access will be restricted to boarding on flights to and from the United States.  

Getting to Los Cabos  

Los Cabos’s surprising progress on the road to recovery means that travelers are spoilt for choice when it comes to flight options. According to Los Cabos Tourism Board, travelers from New York direct to Los Cabos via John F. Kennedy International Airport with Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, and more will be welcomed in Los Cabos. Visitors can take advantage of Los Cabos Airport Transportation and some fantastic travel deals this summer, including the Summer Reset Sale.

If you still have concerns and questions about traveling to Los Cabos, a qualified travel advisor can help you address those concerns and a whole lot more. The right travel advisor will not only save you time and stress but share expert advice and save you a lot of cash on early booking discounts, special charges, and a lot more.

Elevated Health and Safety Protocols

As we’ve previously mentioned, Los Cabos has been deeply appreciated for its proactive response to the pandemic, applying enhanced health and safety guidelines, and maintaining and optimizing them through the Loc Cabos with Care Program. Los Cabos implemented the WTTC’s standardized health and hygiene much earlier than other cities, earning the WTTC’s much-desired Safe Travels stamp of approval. The city has implemented a layered approach to hygiene and cleaning, joined by travel providers to obtain the “Clean Point” license from the government.

Travelers will most likely be noticed elevated safety protocols like enhanced cleaning, face masks, social distancing, hand sanitizing points, QR codes, and more safety measures from the second they debark the plane.  

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