Understanding And Treating Painful Bunions

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Anyone who has bunions will tell you it's a pain like no other. Finding shoes that are comfortable becomes a struggle, and most days you just want to go out in slippers to avoid the pain altogether.

Diagnosing bunions is fairly simple, as they are obvious from the shape and the pain, but it's still a good idea to go and see a doctor to get x-rays taken to confirm. Your doctor may also run blood tests to see if the problem is being caused by arthritis or an infection. They can also recommend certain treatments to help ease the pain.


There are some risk factors to take into account when talking about bunions:

  • Wearing high-heeled shoes causes crowding in your toes, which can cause bunions
  • Wearing shoes that are too tight can make you more susceptible to bunions
  • Arthritis can make your more susceptible to bunions
  • Genetics can play a big part in inheriting bunions

Even though bunions may be unavoidable for some, there are ways to treat them without resorting to surgery.

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