'Tremors' TV Reboot Starring Kevin Bacon Picked Up By Syfy

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'Tremors' TV Reboot Starring Kevin Bacon Picked Up By Syfy

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One of the greatest and most iconic monster movies of the 90s is coming back to life, and it's getting attention from fans across the globe.

After all these years and 4 direct-to-video sequels, the much anticipated TV reboot, starring none-other than Kevin Bacon, has been picked up by Syfy for a pilot and potential series.

"This is the only character I've played that I've ever thought about revisiting," Kevin Bacon said. "I just got to thinking, where would this guy end up after 25 years? Andrew Miller has a fantastic take on it and we hope to create a show that will be fun and scary for fans of the movie and folks that have yet to discover it. Let's kick some Graboid ass!"

Not only will the 58 year-old actor star in the remake, but he will also serve as executive producer of the television series adaption.

It's unknown if any of the other actors from the original movie will be taking up their roles in the new series.

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Tremors was not only a cult-hit, but it also did well at the box office too.

"It did become a real classic. It was also at a time when the VHS was exploding. Movies took on a life of their own," the Footloose star told Collider in August 2016.

The original 1990 film from Universal Pictures grossed $16.6 million in the United States.

Kevin Bacon had his doubts about the original movie too, recalling what he said to his wife Kyra Sedgwick about Tremors.

"I broke down and fell to the sidewalk, screaming to my pregnant wife, "˜I can't believe I'm doing a movie about underground worms!'" he recalled to The Telegraph.

The new TV series will reportedly take place 25 years after the original film, with Bacon's character Valentine McKee attempting to save the small town of Perfection, Nevada where Graboid worms wreak havoc. This time though, he is battling old age, alcoholism, and a delusional hero complex.  

The project has been in development without a network since late 2015.

"We are so pleased to continue our partnership with Syfy and UCP in reviving this cult classic with none other than Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee; we look forward to thrilling original fans and new audiences alike," said Blumhouse founder, Jason Blum.

This pilot is the second attempt at a TV series for Tremors. Back in 2003, the Sci-Fi Channel aired a show named Tremors: The Series, though Bacon wasn't involved in the drama that lasted for only 13 episodes. Bacon was only involved in the original 1990 film even though the franchise followed-up with 4 direct-to-video sequels.

"They went and made a bunch of sequels to the movie. I want to put those aside because, first of all, I wasn't in them. But what I was really interested in was taking this guy [Valentine] and, 25 years later, seeing what happened to him, to his dreams, and to his life," Bacon said.