Trending Honeymoon Destinations For Those Tying The Knot In 2023

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Trending Honeymoon Destinations For Those Tying The Knot In 2023

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Your honeymoon should be a showstopping vacation because it celebrates the happiest event in your life. You should return from the honeymoon bringing memories you could talk about for decades. It should be a holiday like no other, where nothing is off-limits, and all your dreams are fulfilled. Planning the wedding has been stressful, and the honeymoon should be this extravagant experience that enables you to start your life as a married couple in the best way possible.

Make sure you discuss with your partner when you plan the vacation because it should reflect both your personalities and bring you a mix of relaxation and entertainment. You and your partner might be looking for a vacation filled with adventures, a holiday where you spend your days at the couples’ spa, or a getaway to an exotic destination that offers a little bit of both.

Even if you know exactly what you’re looking for in a honeymoon, you might still find it challenging to choose between the infinite fantastic destinations the world offers. Thankfully, we put together the most trending honeymoon destinations for 2023 to help you out.


Maldives is often listed among the most popular honeymoon destinations because it has everything a newlywed couple would look for: white sand beaches, tranquil waters, warm temperatures, and plenty of activities that help you establish a deep connection as a new family. It’s the ideal place to spend your holiday if you want to relax on the beach and want to escape together to a world of luxury and serenity.

Maldivian honeymoons have a sense of exclusivity due to the resorts located on private islands. You can decide if you prefer to book accommodation in a jungle retreat house, beach bungalow, or overwater villa. Most accommodation facilities offer direct access to a lagoon or beach.

The ideal time to visit the Maldives is between November and April, so make sure to book your flights and accommodation.


Cancun is a romantic and budget-friendly destination for those looking for adventure and relaxation. Newlyweds love Cancun’s picturesque landscapes, idyllic beaches, and entertaining nightlife. Depending on the experience you want, you can book activities and accommodations to fit your preferences. There are a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t overlook it as your honeymoon destination. Resorts with honeymoon packages, romantic natural landscapes, beaches with golden sand, and restaurants with delicious food, there’s something for anyone here.

If you’re water sports lovers, you’ll love Cancun because it has access to the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea, which is ideal for kiteboarding, kayaking, fishing, swimming, and boat cruising. To benefit from increased comfort, book transfer services from the airport to your accommodation with Cancun Airport Transportation.          


Italy is one of the European countries that oozes romance, so you’ll definitely love to spend your honeymoon here. If you’re a fan of romantic movies, you most likely know that Italy is well-known for its passionate people, timeless beauty, fine wine, delicious pasta, and varied landscape. You could have a picnic by a picturesque lake like Lake Garda or Lake Como, ski in the mountains, sunbathe on the beach and walk hand in hand with your partner through quaint villages on the same holiday.

Suppose you’re a culture vulture; you can spend days exploring the streets of Venice and Rome and indulge in eating local dishes, seafood, and the world’s best pizza. When booking accommodation, look for hotels built in palaces dripping in the artwork. We guarantee there are no better places to stay while in Italy.

St. Barthelemy

Here’s another Caribbean destination to put on your honeymoon list. If you want a sophisticated vacation that offers you a taste of high life, St. Barts is the ideal destination because it offers a unique experience to its visitors. The French Island has everything from tropical landscapes to blue waters, fine-sand beaches and luxurious resorts. St. Barts is the place where stars spend their holidays, eating in Michelin-starred restaurants, relaxing all day at the spa, and shopping till they drop at the local high-end stores.

And let’s not forget you have plenty to do while here because the island is encircled by shallow reefs that provide great snorkeling opportunities.

The most memorable honeymoon activity you can do while in St. Barthelemy is to book a charter for two.


Bali has often been described as a soothing honeymoon destination. If you’ve been stressed out while planning the wedding, you’ll love to spend some days in Bali because it has the best scenic views. Did you know that the locals also name it the Isle of the Gods? Due to its crystal water bodies, golden beaches, and lush greenery? Nowadays, it’s the perfect blend of human-made constructions and natural landscapes. We promise you’ll make wonderful memories!

When planning activities for your honeymoon, make sure to put on the list to visit the local bird and animal sanctuaries and yoga practice. Bali is renowned for its yoga sites that offer honeymooners the opportunity to connect with themselves and forget about the outside world.


Tanzania is home to Mount Kilimanjaro and numerous national parks where exotic animals and birds can be seen. If you want a unique holiday, Tanzania offers the opportunity to discover the wilderness of Africa. Only because most newlyweds prefer to spend their vacations at relaxing resorts where they take baths in the sun on the beach and dine at high-class restaurants, it doesn’t mean you should also do it. You could instead opt for an exotic destination where you can make memories to last a lifetime with your partner.

While here, make sure to join a safari escape with a local guide. We recommend visiting the Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site well-known for its variety of wildlife, like rhinos, elephants, leopards, and hyenas.

The best time to visit Tanzania is from June to October.

What do you think of the above destinations? Do any of them draw your attention and make you wonder if you should leave your country for the honeymoon?

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