Watch: Late Trucker's Family Gave Him "One Last Ride" In Style

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Watch: Late Trucker's Family Gave Him "One Last Ride" In Style

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A funeral is supposed to represent the person it honors, which is why loved ones go the extra mile to honor the wishes and requests of the dearly departed.

But people rarely get the kind of send off Mark Shuman's family gave him this month.

The 48-year-old who died of brain cancer last month was the owner of a trucking company, so his family arranged to give him "one last ride" on a tricked out semi.

Last ride trucker
Shuman's "hearse" was a custom semi truck.Luke Shuman - Facebook

A video posted to Facebook by Shuman's son, Luke, shows his casket being loaded onto a pink and silver truck with a waving American flag. On the truck's side, a custom decal reads, "In loving memory of Mark Shuman."

Later, a huge convoy of trucks drove past Shuman's funeral in what Luke called an "awesome tribute."

He wrote that the special memorial was a "very emotional, yet proud day for everybody."

"Anyone who knew my dad knows he likes to go big," he wrote. "You can tell just by looking at some of the trucks he designed in this video."

And Luke thanked the team of drivers who joined his dad for one last ride.

"The sound of all of your horns blaring at once gave me goosebumps, a smile from ear to ear and many tears," he said.

Plenty of other truckers have commented on the video, saying this is the kind of funeral they've always dreamed of.

"I've been driving for 33 years and this is how I want to be delivered to heaven," one wrote. "Thank you drivers, that was an awesome way to show your respect. You know he was right in the cab with a big smile on his face!"

Mark Shuman
Shuman was the head of a trucking company before his death last month from brain cancer.Mark Shuman - Facebook

In lieu of flowers, Shuman's family requested that a donation be made in his name to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Already, the attention Shuman's funeral attracted has helped to collect thousands for the good cause.

You can make a donation in Shuman's name here.

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Rest in peace Good Buddy! What did you think of Shuman's unique funeral?

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