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13 Sexiest TV Crime Fighters We Trust With Our Lives

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Crime-fighting television shows are all the rage right now, and have been for years now. Sure, we love the mystery and suspense of it all, but if we're being honest...we also love the hot guys!

I know, I know, objectifying people based on their looks isn't good, but just for a minute, let's enjoy the sights that are the sexiest crime fighters on television. It's not just their looks, either. Their bad-ass skills only add to their hotness.

1. Elliot Stabler

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We were all heartbroken when Stabler left Law and Order: SVU. His "I don't want to play by your rules" attitude made him that much more attractive, not to mention how protective he was of Olivia Benson.

2. Leroy Gibbs


The definition of a silver fox, NCIS would not do well without Special Agent Gibbs. He's an old soul who likes to be in charge, but also has a special connection with everyone he meets. Not to mention those eyes are stunning.

3. Adam Ruzek


Ruzek is impulsive, but that's what makes him so compelling on Chicago P.D. We want a man who will answer our call no matter what, even if he's in the middle of a stakeout and it's against the rules.

4. Luke Callahan


Arguably one of the most underrated cop shows of all time, Rookie Blue featured so many hot guys it's hard to choose just one. We went with Detective Callahan, which is a controversial choice but OH WELL! Luke made some mistakes, but his love for McNally never died, and he just seems like a great guy...and also that beard works for him.

5. James Gordon


Yes, it still counts as crime fighting even if you're in a fantasy world! Gotham gave us James "Jim" Gordon, and for that we are eternally grateful. We all want a man who can protect us from the leader of a mob family, right?

6. Seeley Booth


Agent Seeley Booth is practically perfect in every way. Whenever we watch Bones, we get this giddy feeling inside, because he's just so goofy and cute. He's also a tactical mastermind and I'd trust him with my life any day of the

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