Two Congressman Went On A Whirldwind Bromance Road Trip

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Two Congressman Went On A Whirldwind Bromance Road Trip

So a Democrat and a Republican go on a road trip.

No it's not the beginning of a joke, it's exactly what happened when two Texas congressman had their flights to DC canceled (apparently snowstorms even affect our politicians.)

Rep Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat, and Will Hurd, a Republican, piled into a rented Chevy Impala and started their long drive to the Nation's Capitol, live-streaming the trip on Facebook as they went.

Campaign Trail
El Paso Times

O'Rourke told the Dallas Morning News that they wanted to prove that politicians can work together, regardless of which party they belong to.

They say they weren't very close when the drive started, but with so long in a car they couldn't help but warm up to one another. By the time they arrived they were talking about spending Thanksgiving together.

"I've learned a lot about Beto," Hurd said. "We've learned we can work together on a lot more issues than what we have been."

They used the trip to reach out to constituents in their districts and beyond. They even turned it into an impromptu call-in show by calling their colleagues.

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El Paso Times

You might wonder why they didn't just wait for a new flight? The congressman were in a hurry to make it back in time for a vote.

It's too bad government can't always come together like this, but maybe it's the beginning of something better.

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