U.S. Ranked Among Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries For Women

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U.S. Ranked Among Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries For Women

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As an American woman, do you feel safe?

This is what millions of American women are asking themselves after a survey by the Thomas Reuters Foundation ranked the United States as the 10th most dangerous nation for women.

What has shocked many people is that America is the only first world country to top this list.

The other countries that made the top of the list were India, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, and Nigeria.

Approximately 550 experts in women's issues around the globe agreed on this list, citing that these countries are dangerous in terms of "sexual violence, harassment, and being coerced by sex," according to CBS News.

Soon after the survey was published, people from around the world weighed in on whether the U.S. deserved a spot on this list.

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What's your take on this? Does the U.S. deserve to be on this list?

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