How To Create the Ultimate Cleaning Sponge With Old Tupperware

How To Create the Ultimate Cleaning Sponge With Old Tupperware

How convenient are those little dish sponges that you can pre-fill with detergent? So convenient. You don't have to keep wasting soap by adding more to the water and pouring it onto every grimy dish. Well what if you could super size that tool? Use it for bathtubs and larger surfaces. Pretty great right. Here's a quick way to create an ultimate cleaning sponge from and old tupperware container.

The Ultimate Cleaning Sponge

What You Need

  • Tupperware container (with a secure lid)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cleaning Sponge
  • Cleaning detergent

Tip: A snap on lid that seals in liquid tends to work best for this project.


Heat up your glue gun and carefully but firmly melt three holes across the top of the lip. This is where your detergent will filter into the sponge.

hot Glue gun melting holes in a clear tupperware lid

Add hot glue to the top of the container avoiding the holes and then press your sponge onto the lid with the abrasive side facing out.

Hot glue being squeezed onto a tupperware lid

fill the container up with about a quarter of a cup of cleaner or dish soap. Secure the lid onto the container and flip it over.

green dish sponge being glued onto a tupperware lid

Go ahead, just add water and test it out. This is so good for cleaning the bathtub and perfect to keep under the kitchen sink too.

tupperware container made into a dish sponge

Would you use a DIY Tupperware sponge for your cleaning?

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