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Always Stay Connected With This Pack of Ultra-Long Lightning Cables

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Not to be dramatic but is there any worse feeling than having a very important question for Google when your phone is already on 12% and you know it'll be hours before you reach a charger? Low Power Mode can get you through the day most times but if you're after the root of the problem, you need to invest in a Lightning cable for all of your pockets, your desk, your vehicle, and anywhere else you frequent. 

The 10-Ft Lightning Cable: 3-Pack is more than just a few charging cables, it's a lifesaver and a party favor. The extra 6 ft. in length these lightning cables offer give you flexibility and ensure you never need to awkwardly hover over a power source to scroll through your Instagram feed in peace. Plus, imagine how thoughtful you'll appear when you have guests over and can offer them a full charge without compromising your own battery life.

This 3-pack of 10-ft Lightning cables is on sale now for an amazing $16.99, which is 83% off of its MSRP. You won't regret stocking up on these while this deal lasts.



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