What You Should Know About Online Casino Bonuses

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Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

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Everywhere you look, there’s an online casino or sportsbook offering some kind of bonus or deal, all aimed at luring you through their virtual doors. The reason for this is quite simple, really. They are one of the most successful ways of attracting new players.

There’s just one problem. With so many online casinos around these days, and so many different offers being laid out on the virtual table, how do you choose which gaming site to pledge your custom?

That choice can depend on many factors, although the first and foremost should always be about getting an overall online casino service that suits your own preferences. Many times, all people know about an online casino before eagerly depositing funds, is the blurb they read for an offer or bonus promotion.

Research Before Playing

This is why reading through plenty of detailed reviews, such as the 38 US casino reviews by the community of experts at OLBG.com, is the recommended way to get started. Good reviews will not only tell you about what bonuses are currently on offer, every online casino is impartially rated for the variety of games available and just as importantly, the overall quality of service and security.

One of the key benefits of any good review, you’ll also get to know about the latest bonus offers available. However, it’s always a good idea to know a little bit more about what these bonus offers actually mean.

Welcome Bonus

The most common kind of bonus you will see advertised by any online casino is the Welcome Bonus, aimed exclusively at new players, encouraging them to open up an account and place their first deposit. When you visit an online casino in Singapore, you'll see these kinds of bonuses right away. They can also be advertised as the Signup Bonus or the New Player Bonus, although all three terms usually amount to the same thing. Some online casinos also offer additional incentives for using their preferred method of depositing funds.

Potentially the most lucrative kind of offer, there are usually two different ways these can be advertised, although both are always dependent on the size of your initial deposit amount. The first is to offer a bonus percentage additional to your initial deposit, such as 400% extra in starting funds credited to your account. For example, if you deposit $100 your starting funds will be $500 with the bonus credit.

The second approach is to offer a dollar amount to new players, although this needs a little more careful reading with each offer. You sometimes find online casinos offering a crazy sounding bonus like $5,000 or more as their welcome promotion, yet the actual sum is usually a maximum figure and also based on a multiple of your initial deposit. Therefore, you might need to deposit $1,000 to get that maximum $5,000 welcome bonus.

Deposit Match

One of the most clearly advertised welcome offers is the Deposit Match bonus. With this kind of bonus, new players are given a financial incentive to place their initial deposit, with the online casino offering to match every dollar you deposit with a dollar of their own. For example, if you deposit $100 they will credit your account with an additional $100 in playable funds. This is perhaps the easiest understood bonus offer, within an industry worth billions of dollars.

No Deposit

This is kind of like a “try before you buy” bonus offer, although the actual dollar sums are usually quite small and usually between $10 to $50 at most. What you get after registering with a casino site is a small, fixed sum of credits, allowing you to play the games on offer, along with a chance to keeping any winnings. It’s actually quite a clever approach, because often players will want to keep on playing when their free credits are used.

Free Spins

By far the most popular games at most online casinos are the video slots. Thousands have been designed and released in the last ten years alone, covering pretty much every theme and style you could possibly imagine. To get free spins a minimum deposit is usually required, and the amount of free spins can vary depending on the generosity of the casino. Some could offer 10 free spins for every dollar you deposit, while others might offer 100 or more free spins.

One thing to be aware of is that at many online casinos, free spins are often used as a way to promote certain games. This might be a specific individual slot game, or an entire range of games from a developer like Microgaming. The free spins will typically only apply to the games named in the promotion, so pay attention before you eagerly start spinning the reels. Games outside any free spins promotion will use your deposited funds.

Loyalty Bonuses

Although there’s no doubt that welcome bonuses are often the most eye catching, especially for new players, one good recommendation is to check reviews for online casinos that offer regular loyalty bonus promotions. Just as the name implies, loyalty bonuses are offered by online casinos to their most valued customers, such as those who make frequent deposits, play lots of games, and have been with the site for a lengthy period of time.

Loyalty bonuses are often the best kind of bonus in the long run, therefore it’s always a positive sign if you find an online casino that offers them on a regular basis. It shows they value your custom and want you to stay, plus it’s always a nice treat to get some extra funds or free spins, without spending your own cash.

Always Read the Bonus Terms

One final piece of advice whenever signing up to any online casino, regardless of the bonus offer tempting you to deposit funds. Always read the terms and conditions very carefully, because by law, they must state clearly what’s involved and what you’re getting in return. Likewise, don’t forget to read plenty of reviews for each site before making any deposits, as doing a little homework will ensure you get the best bonus to suit your own casino gaming preferences.