25 Animals Who Look Like They Were Made In A Lab That We Can't Stop Staring At

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25 Animals Who Look Like They Were Made In A Lab That We Can't Stop Staring At

When I look at my sweet little pug, I know that while he is the most perfect and precious thing in my eyes, most people wouldn't be able to tell him apart from most other pugs. I mean, obviously he's the most handsome one, but his coloring is pretty much exactly like every other fawn-colored pug out there.

However, some animals end up with a crazy and unique pattern that looks as though they have been tailored made in a lab in an attempt to make the most bizarre looking animal possible.

In the animal kingdom, a lot of the time having a unique look isn't the most preferable option. Most of the time their colors have evolved as a form of camouflage or to help them find a mate. Often these striking and beautiful displays of color are actually not the animal's desired look, but it's still pretty impressive to see.

Whether they want it or not, they become these incredibly breathtaking creatures that we just can't stop looking at.

1. This really is a horse of a different color

2. It looks like whoever was in charge of painting this zebra's stripes may have gone for a more "modern art" approach...

3. Hmm, this cheetah sure is missing something isn't she?

4. This dog's going for a Eugene Levy/Peter Gallagher inspired look with those luscious brows

5. Some people wear their heart on their sleeves, others have it right there on their chest

6. He's just going through his rebellious phase, he's going to grow out of it...(he won't)

7. A dashing and debonair fellow whose eyes could melt your heart and a mustache that would make Tom Selleck jealous

8. That classy cat is going to need a pal to share all of his mustache grooming tips, and this sweet little buddy is the perfect protege

But mustaches aren't the only adorable coloring options...

9. There is something about this face that just makes me feel a little bit like I am constantly causing him more stress than I'd like to. I feel the need to constantly apologize

10. But then this little nugget just fills me with all the love I need

11. Big smile for a beautiful pup

12. You may not see a turtle like this everyday, but you aren't going to forget him when you do

13. He has vitiligo, which causes the pigmentation of his fur to change, but that's okay because is makes him one of the most beautiful boys in the world

14. When a cheetah ends up with spots and stripes, they get renamed as a King Cheetah, and it's easy to see why

15. This zebra has Erythrism, which causes the pigment in the fur to turn red

16. This bird is a "piebald" color bird that turns some of the feathers white, but not all of it

17. While this macaw has Xanthrochromism which causes an excess of yellow pigments in the feathers

Believe me, there are still so many more gorgeous creatures to go...

18. Just a handsome boy, trying to sneak his way onto the set of 101 Dalmations

19. Similar to the zebra, this katydid is also this color because of Erythrism. However, especially with insects, it's very rare that they survive into adulthood because their bright color means they can't blend in as easily

20. Chimera coloring happens when two different fertilized eggs fuse together while in the womb

21. This spotty creature is truly one of a kind

22. This piebald python is somehow even creepier than other snakes

23. These spots are really making a statement and standing out

24. Excuse me, but there seems to be a small Siberian tiger on the loose...

25. Also, please get this lost puppy-panda while you're at it, because he's very far from home...

Imagine China

Who else's heart has melted into a total puddle?