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25 Animals Who Look Like They Were Made In A Lab That We Can't Stop Staring At

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When I look at my sweet little pug, I know that while he is the most perfect and precious thing in my eyes, most people wouldn't be able to tell him apart from most other pugs. I mean, obviously he's the most handsome one, but his coloring is pretty much exactly like every other fawn-colored pug out there.

However, some animals end up with a crazy and unique pattern that looks as though they have been tailored made in a lab in an attempt to make the most bizarre looking animal possible.

In the animal kingdom, a lot of the time having a unique look isn't the most preferable option. Most of the time their colors have evolved as a form of camouflage or to help them find a mate. Often these striking and beautiful displays of color are actually not the animal's desired look, but it's still pretty impressive to see.

Whether they want it or not, they become these incredibly breathtaking creatures that we just can't stop looking at.

1. This really is a horse of a different color

2. It looks like whoever was in charge of painting this zebra's stripes may have gone for a more "modern art" approach...

3. Hmm, this cheetah sure is missing something isn't she?

4. This dog's going for a Eugene Levy/Peter Gallagher inspired look with those luscious brows

5. Some people wear their heart on their sleeves, others have it right there on their chest

6. He's just going through his rebellious phase, he's going to grow out of it...(he won't)

7. A dashing and debonair fellow whose eyes could melt your heart and a mustache that would make Tom Selleck jealous

8. That classy cat is going to need a pal to share all of his mustache grooming tips, and this sweet little buddy is the perfect protege

But mustaches aren't the only adorable coloring options...

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