Unique wall decor ideas for the modern home

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Unique wall decor ideas for the modern home

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A home is a place where we spent the largest amount of our time, and it is essential that we feel comfortable and happy in that space. A lot of that comfort is, of course, largely dependent on the relationships we have with our families and the memories we create. But there are other smaller and significant ways in which we can use to make our home a haven. One simple way is simply through decorating. Some of the cheap and affordable items you can use include:

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to improve the decor in your home as they help to create the illusion that a room is larger, in addition to adding a touch of elegance. Moreover, they help to reflect light and thus can be used to brighten up a room. They are also quite versatile as they are available in different shapes, sizes, and designs. As such, you can easily plop one in that awkward corner that you have not been quite sure what to do with.

2. Art

Art pieces such as paintings and drawings have always been a classic way of adding some style into a room, as well as a splash of bright colour. They are often a good conversation starter when you have guests over since various pieces are sometimes done to convey a particular message. You can as well alternatively get a landscape or a beach painting which is always great to evoke a peaceful and chill vibe.

3. Metal

There are plenty of beautiful metal sculptures done in the form of flowers or trees that can be hung on a wall which are easily available and affordable. Moreover, you can opt for metal prints, a unique and fun twist to your normal picture frames. Instead of using a wooden frame, you can instead have your photos and art printed out on metal plates which are then mounted on the wall using a magnet. The fun twist is that due to the magnet, they can thus be easily moved around without having to drill a hole on the whole. Furthermore, they are an excellent way to create a real live photo collage!

4. Plants

Having greenery in the house is always a lovely way to create a fresh aesthetic vibe. If you do not feel like getting a huge potted plant to place in your living room, for instance, you can instead install some shelves and place some small plants there. Succulents are often excellent for this as they do not take up too much space and are also pretty low maintenance.

5. Wallpaper

Unique wall decor is not just limited to hanging stuff, but you can also change the whole outlook of the wall. For instance, you can paint a mural, or change up the wall colours in your home. Alternatively, you may opt for wallpaper. One of the main advantages of this is that you can go for any print that you like, and create different illusions. Some of these prints include florals, animal prints, metallics, or even geometric shapes. Whatever tickles your fancy.

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