Unpaid Workers Are Sewing Pleas For Help Into Zara Brand Clothes

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Good Housekeeping

Zara is a Spanish clothing brand that has a long standing reputation for treating their workers like do-do, for terrible labor practices, and for stealing from other artists and designers, but they aren't the only brand facing these allegations.  

Zara has recently found themselves in the news for a new reason this past week; employees are slipping handwritten notes into their clothes to let customers know that the people who made the items have not been paid for their work.

Shoppers picking up clothes from the brand's stores in Istanbul have been finding notes written by factory workers that have been sewn into the clothing itself. The tags read, “I made this item you are going to buy, but I didn’t get paid for it.” The campaign is hoping to put pressure on Zara to pay their employees.

The workers were employed by a third-party manufacturer, Bravo Tekstil. The manufacture suddenly closed up shop last year, leaving many owed months worth of wages.

Good Housekeeping
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