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Your Zodiac Sign Can Reveal Your Most Unsettling Flaws (Or Those Of People You Know)

While your Zodiac sign can often highlight all of your best and most admirable qualities, there's a dark side to every bright spot. If you want to find out what your birth sign has given you not as a gift, but as a curse, read on!

(Images by Shawn Cross)

Aries (March 21st - April 20th)

Shawn Cross

Thanks to your fiery personality, you're actually much more prone to shocking levels of violence than the rest of the signs. Maybe you need to do some anger management for those volatile mood swings?

Taurus (April 21st - May 20th)

Shawn Cross

You have a compulsive need to keep everything around you exactly how you like it, to the point of being possessive. It might be time to accept that you don't own absolutely everything you encounter.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

Shawn Cross

Your dual-sided nature means that you're also quite two-faced, and you often say one thing to a person's face while smack-talking them when they leave. Even worse, you can't keep secrets to yourself.

Cancer (June 21st - July 20th)

Shawn Cross

You have something of a martyr complex. You feel like people perpetually take more than they give back, and you constantly want to see yourself as the strong caregiver who overcomes adversity, even if there isn't really any.

Leo (July 21st - August 20th)

Shawn Cross

You have a compulsive, almost narcissistic need to be the center of attention, and you don't care who knows it. Of course, you'd never hurt anyone intentionally; that would hurt your public perception too much.

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Virgo (August 21st - September 20th)

Shawn Cross

You are far, FAR more invested in making sure everything around you is "perfect" than actually showing people that you care. Giving up personal control of a situation is a fate worse than death for you.

Libra (September 21st - October 20th)

Shawn Cross

You care so much about balance that you're willing to give any debate equal attention, even when one of the sides is being objectively horrible to the other. You constantly dance on the edge of giving up your morals.

Scorpio (October 21st - November 20th)

Shawn Cross

You're constantly drawn to ideas, activities and hobbies that are far more morally ambiguous than others, and your habits can become freaky to just about anybody else (except maybe for Libra up there).

Sagittarius (November 21st - December 20th)

Shawn Cross

You have the ability to bring people to your way of thinking through your charisma and natural leadership, but this can be a double-edged sword as you may very well find yourself starting a cult of personality around yourself.

Capricorn (December 21st - January 20th)

Shawn Cross

Your ambition and determination drive you more than anything else, and you really have no time or care for what happens to the people who get in your way. You don't care about who you step over on the way up, because you don't plan to come back down.

Aquarius (January 21st - February 20th)

Shawn Cross

You think you objectively have the solutions to fix every problem, but empathy doesn't really factor into any of them. People need brutal honesty according to you, and you're okay with being the one to deliver it.

Pisces (February 21st - March 20th)

Shawn Cross

Your heart guides you in all things, but this often isn't the fairytale everyone thinks it is. There's a saying that "still waters run deep," and that's you in a nutshell, especially if those emotions turn dark.

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