The World's Easiest DIY Bird Feeder!

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The World's Easiest DIY Bird Feeder!

Add a little touch of character to your garden with this adorable coffee mug feeder. All you need is four simple items and there you have it...the world's easiest DIY bird feeder. A colorful attraction to any back yard!


  • Materials
  • Coffee mug
  • Wood stick
  • Bird seed
  • Suet


1. Wipe down and dry your coffee mug.

2. Place the stick/perch inside your mug and adjust so that it leans up against one side.

3. Fill the mug about half way with bird seed.

4. Place your suet in a pot and put the burner on medium heat.

5. Once the suet has melted down into a liquid, pour the suet into the mug up to the top.

6. Place your mug in the fridge to cool and solidify completely.

7. Place the handle of the mug over a sturdy branch, then sit back and let the bird watching begin.