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Vets Said She'd Never Walk Again, But Now She's All Grown Up And Proving Everyone Wrong

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Hannah Shaw, the selfless human behind the wonderful orphaned kitten rescue and advocacy organization, Kitten Lady, was scheduled to pick up two kittens from a nearby shelter when she spotted another tiny feline that she instantly connected with.

Chloe the cat was special to Hannah because she was physically different from the other cats.

"We rescued a kitten with rear leg paralysis from suspected abuse. She is so sweet and so vulnerable; we absolutely could not say no to her," Hannah said.

Unable to resist the small creatures pleading eyes, Hannah took her home to make sure that she would never again be within harm's reach.

"No one will ever lay a cruel hand on her again. She will be loved, she will be fluffy and clean, and she will be given the best chance I can give her at regaining mobility."

Love Meow

Chloe soon adapted to her new surroundings and began to regain her will to live. However, following a visit to the vet, it was confirmed that due to a broken back, the survivor kitten would never walk again.

"The vets felt that her case is 'extreme' and her prognosis is not good--that she is unlikely to ever recover," Hannah explained.

Find out how Chloe has been doing after her diagnosis on the next page.

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