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This Built In Wall Vacuum Is The Ultimate Time-Saver

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Dust, dust, dust. No matter how often you clean your home, dust, dirt, and crumbs seem to pile up the moment you turn your back.

Even in my small apartment, I've gone through the trouble of getting a second broom for my kitchen, just to save myself the trouble of getting it out of the closet.

The Sweepovac turns on with a touch from your foot.Sweepovac - Amazon

Which is why I was so impressed by a new must-have home cleaning tool, the Sweepovac. It's one of those as-seen-on-TV products that sounds too good to be true, but more and more people are adding Sweepovacs to their kitchens and enjoying the time they save.

Imagine if there was a vacuum built-in to your wall where you could easily sweep away all kinds of messes. In effect, that's how the Sweepovac works.

The self-contained vacuum can fit into just about any cabinet space. Once it's switched on - with a kick from your toe - you simply sweep dirt, dust, and other messes into the floor level hole. That means no bending over and struggling to get everything in the dustpan!

A light alerts you once the vacuum bag is full, and the entire container slides out easily for replacements.

The Sweepovac has earned plenty of five-star reviews from verified customers on Amazon, including from these happy customers:

"I have installed many of these units and they all have worked great! I am a contractor that remodels kitchens, I always include these vacuums as a surprise extra at the end of the project," wrote David Gillem.  "Clients always smile and show everyone. Works perfectly for me."

"This little guy is awesome! If you don't have a central vac system, this is a perfect alternative to provide a vacuum feature in your kitchen," wrote g00gl3it.

Users say the Sweepovac is convenient, but installation can take longer than expected.Sweepovac - Amazon

While the Sweepovac is a handy time-saver, reviews warn that the company's "30 minute" installation time is optimistic (unless you've already cut a proper-sized hole in your cabinets).

And the DIY work to hook up the vacuum's electrical connection can be tricky if there's no convenient outlet.

But if you ask me, the countless hours you'll save while cleaning up for years to come easily make up for the hassle during installation.

Stationary vacuum
Stationary vacuums like the EyeVac are another alternative to the broom and dustpan.EyeVac

If you're not willing to put up with a complicated installation, a stationary vacuum could be for you. Like the Sweepovac, the EyeVac EVPRO works with the touch of a floor level button and vacuums up dirt as you sweep it in, but it stands at a convenient location instead of being installed.

This vacuum features a bag-free canister system and boasts that it's tough enough for commercial use, including in kitchens or hair salons.

The EVPRO has its own collection of five-star reviews, so don't just take my word for it:

"This machine sucks up every crumb, every pine needle, every hair. I love it!" wrote LLR.

"I LOVE THIS. Kicks a vacuum cleaner in the butt! It empties without a mess. No need to empty it outside either. I cannot believe the amount of fur and dirt this thing can handle and it doesn't plug," the Riverside Park Campground wrote.

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