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Walmart Revealed The Most Popular Item In All 50 States, And Some Of Them Are Pretty Weird

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Hawaii - Barbie Farmer Doll


It figures Barbie as a farmer would be a hit...but we expected somewhere with more farms.

Idaho - My Little Pony Mini-Collection


If your kids ask for it, you've got to get it.

Illinois - Erasers

Thrifty Fun

Another school supply item that took the top spot. We all make mistakes sometimes, Illinois.

Indiana - Instant Coffee

Bali Post

Are you folks in Indianapolis having a hard time waking up?

Iowa - Water-softening Crystals

Mr. Water Geek

Something we all need once in a while.

Kansas - Ozark Trail Tumblers

Egghead Forum

Folks in Kansas like to get outside, but just to enjoy a drink or two.

Kentucky - 4x6 Photo Prints


People still print out photos?

Louisiana - Root Beer Extract

Lick My Spoon

It seems folks in Louisiana would rather make their own root beer. To each their own, I guess.

Maine - Brownies

Inspired Taste

Who can blame them?

Maryland - Glue Sticks

Hip 2 Save

Another case of thrifty parents ordering their school supplies online. In my opinion, the liquid glue tastes much better.

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