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Look Inside This Old Warehouse And You'll See Why It's Worth $1.2 Million Dollars

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When most people imagine their dream house, thoughts of a huge property with every single home furnishing comes to mind.

However, an extravagant home isn't for everyone, as some prefer to live a more simpler lifestyle.

But that doesn't mean their residence has to be boring, as even the smallest houses can have the most impressive interiors.

Take a look at this run-down warehouse in Brisbane, Australia. Although it could be mistaken for nothing more than another home's garage or storage space, it's actually a property all on its own.  

The Exterior

While the modest-looking warehouse has recently been sold, real estate agency Raywhite Spring Hill put the property on the market for a whopping $1,230,000.

The Living Room

Described as one of the "coolest" places in Brisbane, the two-bedroom, one-bathroom abode comes complete with chandeliers, high beamed ceilings, concrete floors and plenty of exposed and speckled brickwork.

The Sitting Room

The hipster-perfect building sports a tiny staircase that takes the residents from the sitting room to the open concept lounge and dining room.

While it exhibits furnishings perfect for a minimalist, there is plenty of comfy seating throughout the home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is perfect for hosting dinner parties, and features a breakfast bar, dining table, and central island.

There's also plenty of space for guests to easily mix and mingle without feeling packed in like sardines.

The Bathroom

The red-tiled bathroom adds a joyful spark of color to the home, while sticking to its theme.

The restroom has an exposed shower, which is perfect for those who don't like being confined to tiny spaces.

The Patio

The house has a small outdoor courtyard to enjoy the nice weather, and two parking spots for those with cars.

It also has two entrances that open to two different roads, which also adds a substantial amount of value to the property.

The Bedroom

The converted warehouse offers two spacious bedrooms, with interiors that match the rest of the house.

The property was sold by Sam Mayes and Zac Tully on August 27, with several potential homeowners showing interest.

Tully told The Courier-Mail that this dwelling had "the largest mix of buyers I have ever dealt with," but added that not everyone was interested in it for residential purposes.

"A large amount of them were purely wanting to turn it into a fully renovated warehouse though."

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