Doctors Are Warning People Not To Use Eggplant Bath Bombs As Sex Toys

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Doctors Are Warning People Not To Use Eggplant Bath Bombs As Sex Toys


In today's world, emojis play an important part in how we communicate.

When texting, you don't even have to use words to convey an emotion because there's an emoticon that can help you express exactly how you feel.

However, emojis can lead to miscommunication if you don't know what they mean. For instance, did you know that the eggplant emoji no longer represents just the vegetable?

In case you weren't aware, the eggplant emoji is often used in sexual conversation as it symbolizes the penis.

"Because of its suggestiveness, the eggplant emoji is often used in sexting," explains

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, it's easier to understand why Lush Cosmetics released an eggplant emoji-inspired bath bomb as part of their Valentine's Day collection.

Along with the Big Banana and Peach bath bombs (meant to resemble a butt), the Aubergine Bath Bomb has taken the world by storm.

"When words fail us, emojis save the day," reads the product description on the Lush website. "So if you're struggling to find the right words for your Valentine this year, this fab fizzer will say it all."

Like all of the company's highly-fragranced bath bombs, the phallic product is made to be used to enhance your bath water, but it seems like some people are using it for more than that.

The provocative purple bath bomb has a lot of people wondering if it can be used as a sex toy.

Of course, the answer is no, but this has caused enough of a concern within the medical community that doctors are now speaking out to warn against the practice of inserting foreign objects into the vagina.

"We would strongly discourage the use of bath bombs internally as these could disturb the fragile balance of good bacteria inside the vagina," Dr. Vanessa Mackay, a spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, told Metro UK. "This natural flora helps to protect the vagina and disrupting it could lead to irritation, inflammation, and infection, such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush."

Both vaginosis and thrush are uncomfortable and painful infections that can lead to serious complications if left untreated.

There's also a risk of the bath bomb breaking off and sending you to the emergency room, a trip that no one surely wants to make.

So bottom line is, keep the aubergine bath bomb away from the body's orifices, and just use it to make your bath smell and feel lush.

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