Warwick Rowers Strip Down For Their Latest Naked Charity Calendar

Warwick Rowers / Angus Malcolm

The Warwick Rowers have released their latest swoon-worthy calendar to raise money for a good cause.

The 2018 edition features the University of Warwick's rowing team posing nude for their initiative Sport Allies, to promote inclusion in sports by eliminating homophobia.

Rower Jorge Tallo Soria said while it was intimidating to strip down for the first time, the calendar promotes an important message.

"I think it's something really different, getting naked and getting naked for a reason," Soria told PinkNews. "It's something I hadn't done before, I had got naked at the beach or whatever but never for the camera."

"We are embracing other people's sexuality and in this case the sexuality of LGBT+ people. Once you know the reason, it makes sense getting naked," he added.

Rower Jacob Howard-Park said while they are opening a dialogue on homosexuality in sports, people still need to be aware on how careless words can have a negative impact on someone.

"If you're a gay person who hasn't come out, people using the word gay in a negative way can have a negative impact on you," Howard-Park said.

The calendar originally started in 2009 as an initiative to raise money for new equipment, but three years later, the purpose of their risque photo shoots was shifted to become a reformative social movement.

In 2015, rower Tristan Edwards said while his teammates don't mind being objectified, they hope the people who purchase the calendar understand the message behind it.

"A lot of the problems around homophobia in sport come from the enforcement of gender norms... people saying what a man is or what a woman is," Edwards told The Huffington Post.

Edwards said while the team has been accused of "queer-baiting," based on their intimate photos, they are taken in attempt to remove the stereotypes surrounding masculinity in sports, and to normalize the practice of straight men to be affectionate with one another.

"We don't want to be put into a box in terms of what a man 'should be' in sport. This is how we think you can act," he said. "The last two years have been the most successful we've had as a club," he said.

The calendars can be bought online and cost about $20.

Will you be purchasing the Warwick Rowers's 2018 calendar?

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