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Watch: Colorblind Grandpa Can't Stop Crying When He Puts On These Special Glasses

Sometimes the best gifts we can give to our family are the simplest, like our time and our love. This 66-year-old grandfather got a very special birthday gift from his children, something we all take for granted every day: the colors we see all around us.

Being color blind isn't a serious condition, but it is life changing. Just imagine living 6 decades of your life without being able to enjoy the colors of the rainbow, or your birthday balloons, or your children's hair.

With the help of some incredible EnChroma glasses that use a specially designed filter, this man's children made sure the rest of his life would be much more colorful.

There are so many great moments in this video! The second he puts the glasses on you can tell his life has totally changed. He knew right away what he had been missing for all those years.

Even things as simple as enjoying the colors of his Florida Gators hat, or an Angry Birds cartoon character, give him so much joy.

In case you're not convinced, you can see for yourself how drastic the change is when you put these glasses on:

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If you know someone who could use a pair of these glasses, they're for sale on EnChroma's website, just be warned that they'll cost about $450.

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